Top 50 Pet Blogs of 2014

In the below infographic, you can see this year’s top 50 Pet blogs of 2014. If you’re a pet lover then you should bookmark all of the below blogs! Click here to see last year’s top 100 pet blogs of 2013.

We were happy to once again be included in the rankings and we are slowly making our way upwards! This year we came in at number 35, up from 41. The blogs on this list are great and it’s good to see many familiar blogs doing so well.

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Top 50 Pet Blogs of 2014

  1. Petfinder
  2. Dogtime
  3. Dogtipper
  4. Keep the Tail Wagging
  5. Fidose of Reality
  6. Pictures of Cats
  7. All Thing Dog Blog
  8. Writing Horseback
  9. The Conscious Cat
  10. Daily Dawdle
  11. WannaSmile
  12. Preston Speaks
  13. Something Wagging
  14. Castor & Pollux
  15. Dog Jaunt
  16. Upside Down Dogs
  17. The Way of Cats
  18. Dancing Dog Blog
  19. Pet News and Views
  20. (Dog)spired
  21. Taildom
  22. Raise a Green Dog
  23. PetSittingology
  24. Speaking of Research
  25. Wild Facts
  26. Ottawa Dog Blog
  27. Cavallo
  28. Famous Chihuahua
  29. Leema Dogs
  30. Pooch & Co
  31. Six Figure Pet Sitting Academy
  32. UK Nature Blog
  33. Your Old Dog
  34. Pets in Italy
  35. PetSci
  36. Heckled by Parrots
  37. Carolina Mountain Dog
  38. Shaggy Dog Stories
  39. Care for Dogs
  40. Daily Dose of Cute
  41. Naughty Husky
  42. Kittens n Things
  43. Green Little Cat
  44. A Husky Life
  45. How to Take Care of a Goldfish
  46. Ingrid King
  47. Dog Diggie
  48. Cat Utopia
  49. Skeezyville
  50. Horse Whispers

The Top 50 Pet Blogs of Next Year?

Are there any pet blogs you think deserve to be included in the ‘Top 50 Pet Blogs’ for next year? Let us know in the comments below!


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