Top 100 Pet Blogs of 2013

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit

In below infographic, you can view the top 100 Pet blogs to follow in 2013. If you’re a pet lover then you should bookmark all of the below blogs! Click here to see the top 50 pet blogs of 2014.

As a relatively new pet blog, we were happy to be placed at number 41. This year we’re posting more great pet articles than ever, so be sure to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to stay up to date with the latest pet news.

top 100 pet blogs infographic

Top 100 Pet Blogs

  1. Dogtipper
  2. Keep the Tail Wagging
  3. Humans and Animals
  4. Bunk Blog
  5. Wanna Smile
  6. Seattle Dog Spot
  7. A Place to Love Dogs
  8. Tica
  9. Purebred Breeders
  10. Dogs Blog
  11. Doggies and Stuff
  12. Way Cool Dogs
  13. Way of Cats Blog
  14. Sam’s Playground
  15. Dancing Dog Blog
  16. Pet Health Care Gazette
  17. Pup Life
  18. Fidose of Reality
  19. Perfect Puppy Care
  20. My Pet Savings
  21. Your Old Dog
  22. Preston Speaks
  23. Wild Facts
  24. Ropcorn
  25. Roxy the Traveling Dog
  26. Wag the Dog UK
  27. Lacey’s Barkery
  28. Castorpolluxpet
  29. Rescued Insanity
  30. Famous Chihuahua
  31. All Pet News
  32. Doggie Buddy
  33. Bishopton Dog Walking Services
  34. Ottawa Dog Blog
  35. Leema Kennels
  36. Pets in Your Home
  37. Dogspired
  38. Dog Dish Diet
  39. Astrean
  40. Hound Bound
  41. PetSci
  42. Come Wag Along
  43. Generic Frontline Plus
  44. Ark Animals
  45. Alfie’s Blog
  46. Dog Spelled Forward
  47. Animal Massage Guide
  48. Carol on Pets
  49. B-Naturals
  50. Cat Blogosphere
  51. Dog Blogpedia
  52. Blogger Cats
  53. Cat and Canine Chronicle
  54. Gracie Lu Shihtzu
  55. Dog Geek
  56. Pet Sittingology
  57. Dog-gonnit!
  58. Puplove
  59. Daily Bunny
  60. This One WildLife
  61. The Infochief
  62. Dog Guides
  63. Ivermectin for Dogs
  64. Pets in Italy
  65. Oz Wildlife Studio
  66. Shaggy Dog Stories
  67. Moondoggie Inc.
  68. Pet Research
  69. The Dog Express
  70. Northwoods Bird Dogs
  71. Budgerigar Parakeets
  72. Skeezix the Cat
  73. Everything Dachshunds
  74. Carolina Mountain Dog
  75. A Husky Life
  76. Crazy Creatures
  77. Happy Pet Stop
  78. Carna4
  79. 5 Minutes for Fido
  80. Fully Feline
  81. My Beagle Training
  82. Senior Pooch
  83. Life with Arie
  84. Cambria Horsemanship
  85. My Husky
  86. Dog Care Journey
  87. Kittens ‘n Things
  88. Yuki the Dog
  89. Naughty Husky
  90. An Artist, Flowers and a Saint Bernard
  91. Kirsten Mortensen
  92. Georgia Animal Protection Society
  93. Secrets to Dog Training
  94. Kitty Utopia
  95. Harry & Lloyd’s Cat Emporium
  96. The Pug Guide
  97. Dog Diggie
  98. Cool Dog Stuff
  99. Fidose of Reality
  100. Dogspired Blog

The Top 100 Pet Blogs of Next Year?

Are there any pet blogs you think deserve to be included in the ‘Top 100 Pet Blogs’ for next year? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Looking at a few of these blogs, especially the ones near the bottom, I think my blog could make this list. Please consider my website for next years list.

  2. I would also request you to consider my blog too for this year. Thank You.

  3. We have one too! It’s new but would love some new followers.

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