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Bute Found in Contaminated Horse Meat: Does it Pose a Risk?

Horse Meat Bute

As the ‘horse meat scandal’ continues to develop, concern has been growing over the possible danger that bute (phenylbutazone) may impose on human health. In this article, we’ll be discussing what bute is and why it is used, as well as the risks that it may (or may not) carry. Also covered below are the recent results from the FSA …

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A Guide to Poisoning in Horses: The Dangers of Biological Poisons

Welcome to the second part of the Complete Guide to Poisoning in Horses. In this guide we’re walking you through some of the common (and uncommon) sources of toxins and poisons that can affect our horses. This section of the guide focuses on biological poisons, such as moulds, fungi and bacteria – as well as trees and potatoes!

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A Guide to Poisoning in Horses: Diagnosis, Treatment and Heavy Metal Poisoning

A poison is a compound that irritates, damages body tissue or alters the metabolism. Because horses are trickle feeders and graze for the majority of the time they are awake, on rare occasions they can eat something poisonous. This guide looks at the types of poisoning a horse can suffer from, spotting the signs of poisoning and what to do …

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