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Things to Consider Before Getting a Puppy

A puppy can be a great addition to the home, providing companionship and enjoyment for an individual or a family. However, owning a puppy is also a big investment, both financially and personally. Puppies require regular attention and care, and owners must ensure that they have adequate supplies to care for a pet. Additionally, most dogs require regular vet care, …

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How to Reduce Plaque & Tartar with ProDen PlaqueOff

jack russell terrier tooth exam for plaque and tartar

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t able to pick up a toothbrush every morning and evening to maintain proper oral hygiene. As such, they can start to develop some problems with plaque. Plaque is the build up of bacteria on teeth in such a way that they form a tough protein film over teeth, which can increase the likelihood of gum infections.

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