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Introducing a New Cat to Your Existing Feline Friend

There are many reasons why you may want to introduce another cat to your family. Perhaps you already have a cat who you feel would benefit from some extra companionship or perhaps you are looking for some extra companionship yourself! Whatever the reason, we have gathered some useful tips for introducing a new cat into your household that already houses …

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HP Determines Cat Hair a Biological Hazard: Laptop Warranty Voided

cat hair in laptop voids warranty

Consumer rights blog ‘The Comsumerist’ recently reported how, after sending in their laptop for repair, one reader was shocked to hear their laptop couldn’t be repaired due to ‘excessive’ amounts of cat hair. Chris sent his still-under-warranty HP laptop back to HP after finding a manufacturing defect. However HP refused to repair the laptop as there was ‘so much’ cat …

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Personality Traits of Exotic Pet Owners

A recent study was conducted in to how pet ownership can portray a person’s character traits. The study looked at the owners of different types of pets and then compared their personalities. The groups were broadly split into; owners of traditional pets – such as cats and dogs, owners of warm-blooded exotic pets – such as sugar gliders, chinchillas etc., …

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