Planning a Perfect Pet First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit around the house is quite a common occurrence, however having a pet first aid kit is much less common. For most people, the idea of a pet first aid kit might not have even crossed their mind, if you are one of them, follow our quick guide on preparing a suitable emergency aid kit.

Any good pet first aid kit starts with a decent container. The container needs to be waterproof and air tight to protect the items inside, it should be clearly labelled and stored in an easy to access area – although not too easy that children or animals could get to it. If you have a human first aid kit make sure that it is visibly distinct from your pet one!

Once you have your container, it’s time to fill it! However before you do… it might be worth attaching a list of phone numbers and contact details to the inside lid. Attach details of your local vet and any 24 hour vets in the vicinity – don’t risk having only one contact. It may also be worth noting down a few of your pet’s key details – such as vaccination status, allergies, existing conditions etc.

Filling Your Pet First Aid Kit

Below are some key items you should consider putting in your pet first aid kit:

  • Gauze and bandages
  • Vet Wrap (Sticks only to itself – not fur)
  • Piriton (for allergies – dosage of around 1/2 to 1 tablet a day)
  • Infacol (To promote passing gas)
  • Hibiscrub (An antimicrobial solution to clean wounds and prevent infection)
  • Purple Spray (A natural antimicrobial for spraying on wounds)
  • Prescription Medication
  • Calming Supplements (For reducing stress from fireworks etc.)
  • Dog Protection Boots (Support damaged joints and limbs)
  • Flea Comb & Flea Drops
  • Wormer Tablets
  • Dressing Scissors (For removing hair around a wound)
  • Tick Removing Tweezers
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Cleansing Wipes
  • Eye Wash
  • An old blanket/towel should be kept with the kit to clean up/prevent mess – it can also be used as a makeshift sling to carry a dog in an emergency
  • Milk of magnesia or hydrogen peroxide solutions are sometimes used to induce vomiting after a pet is believed to have ingested a poison however you should always contact your vet before you induce vomiting or take any further action after poisoning.

This is by no means a definitive list, there are always additional items which people want to add to their own kits, but dressings and antibacterial wipes/sprays/creams act as a good starting point. A pet first aid kit is a tool to buy you some time whilst waiting to see a vet.

For the tech savvy, consider downloading an emergency vet app that locates your nearest vet or provides emergency first aid advice.

Also consider brushing up on your basic first aid knowledge so you know how to react in an emergency. Being prepared can reduce the feeling of panic should you experience an emergency. Remaining as calm as possible is key to providing the best possible care, therefore being prepared means you can provide better care for your pet in an emergency.

Let us know what else you would include in your pet first aid kit in the comments below.

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