Top Gadgets for Travelling With Your Dog

It’s the season for holiday travel and, rather than leave your favourite four-legged pal behind, why not stay in one of the many pet friendly holiday cottages available and take Rover along? We all know that dogs love spending time with their families and dog travel is becoming increasingly popular. As more manufacturers are beginning to understand the bond between dogs and their families they are inventing a wider variety of pet travel gadgets.

Here are our top picks:

1. Too Hot for Spot

Everyone knows the dangers of leaving a dog in the car on a hot summer day but just how hot is too hot? This static-cling window thermometer takes the guess work out of deciding if your pet can safely remain in the car while you run into the store or check into your cottage. Numbers on the thermometer are printed in blue for too cold, green for safe and red for too hot. Priced at just around $13.00, this gadget is a must-have for any pet parent taking their dog along for the ride.

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2. Kurgo Quantum Leash

top gadgets for travelling on holiday with your dog lead leash

Travelling or not, this is a fantastic leash. Available in multiple colours ranging from khaki to pink, the convertible kurgo quantum leash is a bargain at $20.00. But why is the leash so great for travel? Because it has so many options! The leash easily converts to a 3’ lead, a 6’ leash or even an over-the-shoulder hands free lead. If you prefer, wear it around your waist and, when needed, loop it around a tree to keep your dog safe and in sight. The coordinating carabineers make transforming the leash incredibly simple.

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3. Gamma2 Feeder Travel-Tainer

Gone are the days of lugging around a bag of dog food or scooping food into freezer bags and carrying several bowls. The $17.00 travel feeder features a food container, two dishes and a handle; perfect for tossing in your bag. The airtight main container is capped by a dish on both ends and the plastic handle clamps onto the dishes, making the entire unit portable and convenient. The container will easily hold enough food for a weekend away with your small or medium sized dog. Then, choose from one of the top pet friendly lodges Scotland for a luxurious stay with your pet.

4. Pet Gear I-GO2 Plus Traveller

For approximately $100, your small dog or cat can be protected in this fabulous carrier. Made for pets weighing up to 25 pounds, this carrier can be carried on the shoulder, wheeled with the telescoping handle or even worn like a backpack. What we love? The carrier has two wide loops on the back to slip a seat belt through for the ultimate in backseat safety.

5. Midwest iCrate Double-Door Home Training and Travel Series

This crate by Midwest is the perfect solution for pet owners wanting to both secure their pets in their vehicles and have a secure environment for Rover when he has to be left behind in the hotel room. Available in six sizes, prices range from $30 to $120. From the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Labrador, the crates are perfectly safe for any size dog making it easier to bring your dog to Arizona resorts with you. The crate is collapsible, easily fitting in your trunk or a corner of the room when not in use. You’ll love the crate so much that you may just find yourself using it as your go-to crate for home use.

Gone are the days of leaving your pet behind when you travel. With all of the amazing gadgets available for dog travel and the number of hotels pet-friendly and holiday cottages available, there is no reason to feel as though you must leave your dog at home while you go on holiday. Pack along one or more of these gadgets, book a pet friendly hotel, and hit the road with Rover!

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