The Top 12 Gifts for Pet Lovers

This Christmas pet lovers everywhere are in luck! There is a wealth of amazing, innovative and fun products out there to keep both you and your pet entertained, while if you have a friend that also love cookies, you can get some for gift-giving holidays around the world, as these are a great gift as well.

Most of these gifts won’t break the bank costing little more than £20. While you might consider that a little expensive compared to the usual £3 chew toy or your pet’s favourite treat, wait till you see these products:

Dog Tornado RRP: £25.99

This is a great little puzzle toy that should keep both you and your pet entertained! Simply put some treats in to the Dog Tornado and leave the rest for your dog to figure out. After you swivel the lid shut watch your dog’s brain whirr as they try to figure out how to get it back open and get to the treats inside!

The Dog Tornado can even be used as a behavioural tool too – set the Tornado down and if your dog gets a bit too excited trying to get at the treats simply take the Tornado away again. This can help you to teach your pets the meaning of patience! The Dog Tornado even comes with a Training DVD and extra pieces to increase the difficulty should you discover you have a clever critter.

The Fish Bowl RRP: £21.99

This non-slip, wipe clean, food and water bowl looks great! It makes a refreshing change from the typical plastic or porcelain bowls you typically see in the kitchen and comes in either vibrant red or green.

Once your cat is finished using their Fish Bowl, simply put the dishwasher safe, stainless steel bowls into the dishwasher for a quick, hassle free way to clean away stubborn pet food. It’s as simply as that. The Fish Bowl measures approximately 22cm wide and 39cm long.

Hyper Flying Duck RRP: £8.99

This thumb-released-slingshot dog toy has a bungy neck that launches the toy over 100ft! Not only will your dog enjoy chasing this duck for hours (and cover a lot of ground during that time) but it has also been designed to clean and strengthen your dog’s teeth – it’s soft on the gums too. Fun and beneficial for your dog’s health!

Hyper Fling RRP: £8.99

Thought the 100ft the Hyper Duck could fly was far? Well the Hyper Fling launches balls an astonishing 300ft! You could keep your dog busy all day without ever needing to move (as long as your dog is willing to bring the ball back of course…) This retractable launcher reduces in size to fit easily in to your bag once you manage to tire your pooch out and it has the added benefit of making sure you don’t have to pick up those soggy, muddy tennis balls any more!

Gourmet Flavoured Tasty Bones RRP: £9.99

How about a culinary treat for your dog? These flavoured bones aren’t your typical beef or chicken flavour; how does Pheasant or Duck sound? Or how about Venison or Stilton?

These rubber chews are infused with gourmet flavours and designed to outlast most other dog chews. They are also great for strengthening and cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums

Hamster Racing Set RRP: £18.99

Why should your dog get all the fun? This ingenious alternative to the typical hamster ball provides a safe and fun alternative to exercising in that squeaky old wheel.

The Hamster Racing Set even comes with extra stickers so you can pimp your hamster’s ride! Supervision is recommended whilst your hamster is at the wheel and be aware that periods of exercise exceeding 25 minutes are not for the feint-hearted hamster!

Catit Design Senses Grass Garden RRP: £13.99

The Senses Grass Garden is a few things; decorative, fun and a great source of fibre for your pet cat. Put the seeds in the bowl, water and wait for the special blend of nutritious grasses to grow through. This is great for indoor cats without access to grass or if you live in urban areas.

The extra fibre will provide great benefits for your cat too – aiding their digestion and preventing those annoying hairballs. The Senses Grass Garden doesn’t stop there however – the bowl also comes with an Accu-Pressure Mat that provides a stimulating experience for the senses whilst your moggy munches on their nutritious grass.

Cats Attack RRP: £19.99

This hilarious cat scratching post makes your cat look like the oversized furry monster they really wish they were. This skyscraper scratching post is made from recycled cardboard and comes packed as a simple self-assemble kit. Save your furniture from your cat’s claws and have some fun with the camera – in fact, why not send a photo to us of your feline going King Kong on these skyscrapers?

Humunga Stache RRP: £10.99

Another hilarious toy which is just as much fun for the owner as it is for the dog! This toy consists of a non-toxic rubber ball attached to a giant moustache, making for some great photos. Take your pet down to the park and have a play with this – you’ll be sure to make some new friends and maybe get a few funny looks…

Catit Design Senses Massage Centre RRP: £9.99

From the makers of the Senses Grass Garden, Catit Design brings you the Senses Massage Centre – a unique stimulation centre for your cat. The Senses Massage Centre comprises of a gum-stimulator to massage and clean teeth and gums, an accu-pressure mat to provide a pressure point paw massage and body-stroke groomers that stimulate the face and back glands of your feline for a sumptuous sensory massage!

FroliCat BOLT RRP: £19.49

The BOLT is a great stimulatory toy for cats (and dogs!) set the BOLT going and watch as your pet chases the laser-produced dot that infuriatingly (or rather amusingly from your perspective…) darts randomly around the room. The BOLT is great to get your pet to burn off some extra energy and provide great amusement for you! The FroliCat BOLT features an automatic setting, which means you can sit back and watch the fun from the comfort (and safety!) of your armchair.

The BOLT also features a manual mode incase you want to get a bit more hands-on, it is also battery powered and highly portable. Remember though, this product does use a laser, so don’t aim the beam directly in to the eyes of pets or people.

USB Pet Rock RRP: £10.99

For the pet-less, how about a low-maintenance, social, long-lived USB Pet Rock? No feed or care required! This product is bound to bring a smile to whoever is the lucky recipient of this unique pet. Remember that no two rocks are the same so take the time to get to know your pet…

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