The Pawtrack GPS Collar for Cats: 2013 Update

We’ve been following the Pawtrack GPS Collar for cats for some time now here at PetSci. One year ago we reported the device was only a month away and the cost of the collar would be £100 with a monthly subscription for their online service.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, the company behind the Pawtrack GPS collar went a bit quiet after this announcement and we heard nothing for over a year.

Well for those of you who really want one of their GPS devices, and why wouldn’t you, the good news is that devices are now set to start shipping early July 2013.

Those of us who had previously registered an interest in the device received an email from Pawtrack with an update. It seems some minor changes have been made to the device:

  • The Pawtrack collar now costs £200 with the first year’s subscription included (previously £100 with a £10 a month subscription)
  • The device now has a WiFi aerial installed
  • Latest whereabouts downloadable to your computer or tablet device
  • Elasticated collar weighs 50g
  • The included sim card ensures you can track your cat wherever there is a GPRS (mobile phone) signal

Demand has apparently been quite high for the device, so they are shipping them on a first come, first served basis. If you’ve ordered one, please keep us updated in the comments below.

To order one, you can contact Pawtrack here or call them on 0845 5197148

The Pawtrack website is available here. At the time of writing, there is not an option to purchase the device online – so if you’re after a GPS collar, you will have to contact them directly using the details above.

The idea of having a GPS collar for cats is a great one, so we hope that the devices get shipped on time! If you’re successful in ordering one of the GPS collars, let us know about it below.

Image Credit – Swam Corner

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  1. A collar with WI-FI around an animals neck??? That is so so unhealthy and dangerous!!!

  2. Great point Viola, one which I should have included in the original article.

    Fortunately however, current research concludes that there are no adverse health consequences from exposure to these types of radio waves. A great summary of the evidence on health and radio waves can be found in this open access paper.

    WiFi and GPRS are ‘long’ electromagnetic waves that have very little energy.

    With all this in mind however, I failed to find a study concerning day-long exposure – an interesting area for future research. Although, we ourselves are greatly exposed to WiFi and similar radio waves in our environment. At work, at home – our phones, tablets, computers etc.

    It would be interesting to see if others have a similar opinion on the potential health consequences.

  3. Check out PawTRax – selling GPS cat trackers for several months now

  4. I ordered one of the collars from Pawtrack in June, and even though I’ve had emails saying that a limited number will be available for sale on a first-come-first-served bases, and that mine will be posted shortly, I’ve yet to receive a product ordered over 5 months ago.

    • Like Tim, I ordered and paid for a collar last May/June, and am still waiting. I have e-mailed and posted comments on Facebook. All I get is… apologies, will get one off to you tomorrow,……. Is this a scam? How many others have lost their money?

  5. I received my Pawtrack unit three days ago and it’s getting it’s first go now. So not a scam. Unit itself is as described. I’ll come back soon to fill in on my experience.

    David K.
    (Northern Virginia (suburb of Washington, DC, USA)

  6. I ordered and paid for a collar in December, and in January I asked for it. They said it would arrive soon. But now it is March and I still haven’t received any. I also started to think that this is a scam.

    I saw a review from Roger E in USA that said: Pawtrack is a terrible product. The support is nonexistent. Product does not work. 24 hour support does not work. Email does not work. I think I have been ripped off

    Here is the link to the review:

    • I just asked to get my money back from the Paypal site, since my collar never came, and Pawtrack returned the money immediately. So it is a real company and not a scam 🙂

  7. The best!!!???? You are joking?
    At 50g and 20mm its far too big and heavy for a cat.
    Many dog collars are 20mm wide. Still not available from this company even after all these years.

  8. So they have now received lots of money via kickstarter. Check out their page, supporters are not receiving replies to emails. Device promised months ago – now its sometime in 2015. Delays blamed on China but the have said in the past that all manufacturing will be done in UK – can you trust this company?
    Now they are offering free collars to the first 1000 emailers – but not telling anyone if they are one of the lucky 1000

  9. Anyone thinking about dealing with this company would be wise to check the UK site
    3 companies with same Director – 2 of them Dissolved/Struck Off

  10. Tried 3x replaced pawtracker’s and still not performing as the supplier intended. Lost GSM signal for anything up to an hour, GPS has been up to 0.5 mile out. Purchased an austrian unit perfect for over two weeks now. Pawtrack will not refund!

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