The Pawtrack GPS Collar for Cats: Track Your Cat

Late last year, we covered the exciting prospect of being able to track your cat using GPS with Pawtrack – a GPS collar that allows you to track exactly where your moggy has got to.

Following the initial hype, we waited, and waited. After a few of months of receiving no news whatsoever, we were a bit concerned about the future of Pawtrack, which was originally pegged for a November 2011 release!

If that sounds like you too, then we have some good news! The company behind the Pawtrack GPS collar has recently contacted those who signed up for more information to give them an in-depth account of just what, exactly, is going on!

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Pricing and Release of the Pawtrack GPS Collar for Cats

gps collar pawtrack trackThe latest update is that Pawtrack is coming in April, the price for this GPS collar (which had previously not been revealed) is going to be £100 with a monthly subscription of £10.

So why have we had to wait almost 6 months? Well the guys at Pawtrack have been developing some great features for their GPS collar, enhancing their original design to ensure we get the best possible experience.

Updates to the Pawtrack GPS Collar for Cats

Originally the GPS collar relied solely on GPS for locating your cat. Whilst this worked perfectly outdoors, when your cat was inside the signal was often poor giving incorrect or bad results. This made it difficult to see whether you cat was actually in or out!

Now the GPS collar utilises Wi-Fi as well as the standard GPS technology and Pawtrack is the first GPS collar to utilise this simple, yet effective feature!

This has great benefits for you as it means much more accurate readings when your cat is indoors. It also means you will be able to tell exactly when your cat leaves or enters your home by determining whether or not they are being tracked via Wi-Fi or GPS technology. Don’t worry though as this is all done automatically by the Pawtrack system.

A GPS Collar With a Social Side

As well as Wi-Fi, the Pawtrack GPS collar will also be taking advantage of Facebook. You can set up an account on Facebook for your cat and every time they leave or come home their status will update. This means whilst checking your Facebook, your cat’s activity will be directly in your News Feed.

Tracking the GPS Collar on the Go

As well as seeing your cat’s activity on your Facebook News Feed, you’ll also be able to download a mobile app so you can check exactly where your cat is on the go.

You can also set up automatic updates so you can be notified as soon as your cat comes or goes.

Ordering Your Pawtrack GPS Collar

Initial stocks of the Pawtrack collar are going to be limited and with 1,000s already having registered their interest be sure to reserve your GPS collar quickly!

To reserve your GPS collar, you’ll need to email, simply with ‘Purchase’ as the subject. This won’t tie you in to any financial commitment to purchase, but will ensure that you get a GPS collar reserved for you (as long as you’re quick)!

For our thoughts on why tracking your cat with Pawtrack is a great idea, take a look at our previous article on the Pawtrack GPS collar.

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