Stay Safe With Dog-e-Glow LED Collars and Leads

Walking your dog at night can bring with it a number of hazards. When night falls it can be difficult to see you and your dog! Drivers, cyclists and other people may all struggle to see you in the darkness of night, potentially putting you at risk.

Well what if we told you that there was a way for you to be safe and look stylish? Well Dog-e-Glow™ allows you to do just that! Dog-e-Glow™  provides a range of stylish LED collars and leads that keep you and you dog illuminated and safe whilst walking at night.

With a range of patterns and designs, these collars and leads make an ideal gift or purchase for the dog lovers amongst you! They also look great in the daytime. The inbuilt LEDs can be seen from around 1,000 feet away and last for 150 hours before requiring a change of batteries.

Unfortunately, Dog-e-Glow doesn’t yet ship internationally, so we may have to wait a while to see these in the UK but they make a great purchase for those of you in the US.

Be sure to follow Dog-e-Glow on Facebook for access to fan only deals or check out their website for the full range of LED collars and leads.

Check out their video below:


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