Matching Outfits: Pets & Their Humans

Remember when you and your best friend would dress up like twins, carefully coordinating every last barrette and cementing your friendship with mirror-like authenticity, ponytails, bangs, and all?

Now your best friend is your French bulldog Mike, a snorting, waddling, 26-pound creature you can’t go anywhere without.

Perhaps it’s time to resurrect the old outfit matching with your faithful four-legged friend. It’s a fun way to show off your fabulous sense of style and your love for your pal. Besides, wouldn’t Mike make an amazing model?

That Blue Really Brings Out Your Spots

There are many pet owners whose outfits are never complete unless their pets are adorned in a perfect duplicate. How cute is it when you both have matching football jerseys? Matching baseball hats? Matching floral sundresses and straw hats? And doesn’t that shade of blue really bring out Cuddle’s eyes?

As a newbie to the world of dressing your non-human friend like you, you’ll soon find it’s pretty straightforward to coordinate fashion and adapt it to Frisky’s size and style. Halloween is a good time of year to test the waters and finding matching costumes is much easier than making or matching outfits.

What a Cute Couple

While there’s always Dorothy and Toto, don’t be afraid to get a little creative when matching costumes. Take a look at these ideas to get started, then brain storm your own. A trip to a (cyber) costume store could help, too.

Mom and Baby

Princess Bel Air -01

Particularly adorable with little dogs, but quite funny with big ones, an old fashioned baby hat, bib, pair of booties, and a bottle is all you’ll need for your pet. Add a matronly dress, blanket, and pair of spectacles for you, and you’re ready to show off your new (or not-so-new) addition.

The Elves

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for this one. Santa-loving kids will adore seeing two elves parading around during the holidays. An elf outfit, complete with bell-tipped hat, for you and your pooch will bring plenty of cheer.



Some dogs’ looks naturally lend themselves to vampire bat authenticity. With a large pair of bat wings for your pet and a cape and ghastly makeup for you, you have a devilishly wicked pairing.

The Bride and Groom

You don’t need to be in love with your dog to pull this one off. To make an enchanting couple, pair a black suit with tie and top hat for you or your dog, depending on who’s the groom, and a flowing veil and white dress for the bride.

Gucci for Poochie

Merry, er, Christmas

Of course, if Fido turns his nose up at Halloween and wants to go high fashion (cashmere, owner dear?), there are designers who cater to the pampered pooch. Everything you wear can easily be tailored to animal size. Just make sure Fifi or Fido feel comfortable in the ensemble. They need to express their sense of style, too.

You don’t need a special holiday to dress up in a matching outfit with your furry loved one. Just pick a look you like and give it a shot.

Jessy is a pet loverand blogger for Dobovo, the free resource to find pet-friendly Kiev apartments on your next trip to Ukraine

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