Leather Dog Collars – Style and Functionality Combined

Two of the most basic accessories for those who own a dog are a good quality lead and a collar. Whether it’s for training purposes or simply for taking them out for their daily walk, these two items are essential.

In terms of martingale collars, it’s especially important to choose one that is of a high quality, as it’s the one thing your dog will be wearing every day. A poorly made collar can often be made from materials that scratch the dog’s neck and will most likely start to fall apart after a few months.

Leather collars are probably one of the most popular choices and with good reason; leather is one of the most robust materials for collars available, yet it’s still comfortable enough for the dog to wear every day.

In fact, this type of material is actually likely to get softer over time, as leather tends to age very well; initially, leather dog collars may seem a bit too stiff, but they’ll quickly loosen up after a few wears. This means that it will fit even better after it’s been worn for a few months.

Leather Collars, the Sensible Choice?

Leather collars were once considered the sensible choice for pet owners, but perhaps not the most fashionable. Up until a few years ago, pet owners who wanted a collar in a bright colour or with a fun pattern only had the option of nylon collars. Today, however, leather collars for dogs come in a huge range of designs, colours and patterns and pet owners no longer have to sacrifice style for practicality.

Not all leather collars are of the same high standard; there are quite a few cheaper collars that are poorly designed and not built to last. This is why it is important to invest in this accessory.

A well-made collar can last for years before showing signs of wear, so it is definitely worth spending a little bit extra to ensure that you choose one that is of a high quality.

In terms of choosing a size, this will be dependent on the breed of the dog; smaller toy dogs, for instance, will need a leather collar that is narrow enough that it won’t chaff their skin. Larger dogs will need the sturdiness of a wide leather collar, which will be able to withstand lots of pulling from a strong dog when they are on a lead.

Article written by David, a pet owner that believes that leather dog collars are the beat way to make your dog look its best!

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  1. I agree that leather collars are the way to go. Both of my dogs have rolled leather collars, because they do less damage to the hair than traditional buckle collars. I occasionally show my dogs, and so I want to minimize the damage to their hair. Many show owners opt to keep their dogs without collars, but I have found that the rolled leather types are a good option!

  2. I’m with Emma on this one. Rolled leather collars are great for dogs with long coats as they don’t flatten the area so much. I think another great benefit of leather is that you get what you pay for. Yes they may be more expensive than a standard nylon type collar but it will last 4-5 times as long. I’m not so keen on all the coloured leather & studded styles, just keep it simple 🙂

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