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Hill’s Pet Nutrition are currently offering a £5 off voucher for those registering with them on their website. You will need to provide your email address, as well as a few details about yourself and your pet – such as pet’s age and breed. This is likely just so they can provide you with relevant updates on their products.

Once you’ve entered your details you will reach a page that asks you to install a small piece of software that will allow you to print your coupon which you can then redeem in-store.

Example Hill’s Products

Hill’s offer a range of nutritional food products to aid certain conditions and disorders, for both dogs and cats, puppies and kittens. Hill’s have products for all of the following:

  • Weight management
  • Skin conditions
  • Kidney health
  • Heart health
  • Recovery from illness or sickness
  • Animals with sensitive diets
  • Dental health
  • Joint health
  • Pets suffering from diabetes
  • Liver health
  • Digestive health
  • Pets suffering or prone to bladder stones
  • Ageing

I’m going to go through some of the benefits each feed type can provide and add an example of one of their products that can help below:

Weight Management

Up to 50% of UK pets may be obese, this is not entirely the owner’s fault as there is often little in the way in educating an owner on what an animal’s correct weight should be. Weight can often be a difficult issue to tackle with our pets, especially if they are the lazy type – a motivational talk isn’t going to cut it with a chubby canine! There are legitimate instances where a pet may be gaining weight too – for instance due to health conditions or post surgery. Whatever the reason, sometimes the easiest way to control weight is with a correctly balanced diet

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet Canine R/D 12kg[/highlight-green]

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions are the most common health problem in dogs and can also be quite troublesome for cats. There are a huge variety of possible causes of skin problems and they can be either acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term). The diet can play an important role in maintaining a healthy condition, but often extra treament in the form of corticosteroids is required. Therefore specialist feeds like these should be used to augment current treatment and not used as a sole treatment.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet Canine Z/D 10kg Allergen Free[/highlight-green]

Kidney Health

The kidney is often the site of free radical attack. Free radicals strip cells of electrons which can severely damage the cells. Antioxidants fight these free radicals to reduce the damage they can cause. Hill’s kidney diets have been clinically proven to reduce the clinical signs of kidney disease. Certain breeds of dogs/cats are predisposed to kidney diseases. Abyssinian or Persian cat breeds and Beagles, Bull Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Poodles are all predisposed to kidney disease – to some extend.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet K/D Cat Food 156G x24 Tins[/highlight-green]

Heart Health

The heart, like the kidney, can be subject to damage from free radicals. As such it is important to protect the heart with beneficial antioxidants. However, the heart is a specialist muscle that continues to pump throughout your pet’s life and as such it needs some extra support to keep it healthy. Hill’s heart diets contain reduced salt and extra taurine and L-carnitine to support the unique heart muscle.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet Canine H/D 12 x 370g (Wet)[/highlight-green]

Recovering from Sickness

Surgery and illness can put a lot of strain on your pet, the effect of medicines, surgery and stress can all impact negatively on the well-being of your animal. At these delicate stages in a pet’s life, it is important to mointor their health. Hill’s have a recovery pet food that is designed for aiding rapid healing and supporting the immune system.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet A/D Canine/Feline Wet 24x156g Can[/highlight-green]

Sensitive Diet

As is sometimes the case, you may find that your pet seems to disagree with his/her food. This can be a worrying time as it can take a while to work out what the problem actually is! If you think your pet may be reacting to something in their food, it might be worth switching to a more gentle type of pet food such as d/d. Switching will give you time to consult with your vet about what the cause of sensitivity could possibly be and how to treat it.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet Canine D/D with Duck and Rice Dry 12kg[/highlight-green]

Dental Health

Like skin conditions, dental conditions are also very common in dogs and cats. Typically the accumulation of plaque and tartar due to a lack of oral care can lead to gingivitis – inflammation of the gums. Damage to the tooth, including tooth loss, is a common result of gum disease. Preventative measures include a controlled diet – however serious dental problems should be discussed with your vet.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet Feline T/D 5kg[/highlight-green]

Joint Health

The signs of poor joint health in dogs includes; stiffness, hesitance to climb stairs, quick to tire, preference to lie instead of stand or sit, vocalisation when joints are touched. If you notice any of these symptoms, then it may be that your dog is suffering from stiff joints which can reduce their quality of life. Glucosamine and chondroitin are the key ingredients of any joint supplement – human, feline, canine or other. Hill’s have a specially formulated diet which includes these compounds, removing the need for additional supplements.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet Canine J/D Wet 12x370g Can[/highlight-green]

Diabetes Sufferers

Like humans, pets living with diabetes require additional nutritional support to deal with the altered levels of insulin required by the body. Feeding a diet that is able to control glucose levels is essential for good health.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet Canine W/D Mini Dry 6kg[/highlight-green]

Liver Health

Pets with liver diseases can struggle to process the complex nutrients and compounds released during digestion. Diets which contain highly digestable proteins, carbohydrates and fats are desirable as a result as this helps to limit the production of metabolic toxins from nutrients reducing the workload of the liver. As ever, if you believe your pet may be suffering from a liver disease, ensure you visit your vet. These diets are by no means an alternative to veterinary treatment – but they can augment treatment quite effectively.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet Feline L/D Wet 24x156g Can[/highlight-green]

Digestive Health

Pets with poor digestive health can suffer from vomiting, mal-digestion, diarrhoea, or constipation. This can cause weight loss and dehydrated. Diets that aid digestion, assist the healing of the digestive tract (which may have become damaged during vomiting). They are also able to limit vomiting by soothing the stomach lining. B vitamins in the diet are responsible for replacing lost electrolytes due to vomiting and diarrhoea.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet Canine I/D 12kg[/highlight-green]

Bladder Stone Sufferers

Bladder stones are uncomfortable and can be extremely painful for your pet. Controlling their diet can help to reduce the recurrence of the crystals responsible for the formation of kidney stones (struvite or calcium phosphate crystals) in the urine.

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet C/D Feline Food Ocean Fish 1.5kg[/highlight-green]


As dogs get older, they may show signs of an ageing brain, such as disorentiation, decreased interaction, house soiling and changes to their sleep patterns. Dogs have been shown to exhibit enhanced learning ability and positive behaviour with some modification to their .

[highlight-green]E.g. Hills Prescription Diet Canine B/D 12kg[/highlight-green]

In conclusion, Hill’s offer a complete nutritional selection that can balance a diet depending on your pet’s condition, age and breed. However Hill’s isn’t the only premium pet food producer, other well known brands include Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved, Iams, Eukanuba, Purina and more. Stay tuned for coverage of these other brands coming soon and don’t forget if you want to receive £5 off your next Hill’s purchase, to log on to their website and download that coupon!

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