GJW Titmuss: A Complete Dog Food Range

As we all know, every dog is individual and because of that each of our furry friends have their very own needs and requirements.

Like us humans, they also need their own special diets according to their age, breed and size.

That’s why GJW Titmuss’ fantastic range of dog food offers not only outstanding variation but also only the best quality and superb brands of doggy food.


Senior Pet Food

Take Autarkey Mature/Light Dry food for example. Best used for dogs over seven years of age, all of the ingredients within the food is of top quality natural ingredients, with no preservatives, GM ingredients or additives.

The dish itself is packed with naturally preserved ingredients that are specially formulated by some of the top canine nutritionists in the United Kingdom. Featuring vitamins A, D and E, you can be assured that nothing has been left out that will give your dog that extra bounce he needs throughout his happy and productive later years.

Puppy Food

Of course, if your dog is just starting out in life and has not yet met his adult years, you could for example try Orijen Puppy Food Complete. Having just been awarded the Pet Food of The Year prize for the third year running by the Glycemic Research Institution in Washington DC, you can have the peace of mind that your dog food is coming from one of the very best suppliers in the world.

With seven puppy dishes available in the Orijen range from GJW Titumuss, you won’t exactly be stuck for choice either. With a biologically appropriate ingredient ratio of 80% meat and 20% fruit and vegetables, you can sleep soundly knowing that your pup is getting just the right quality ingredients in his diet to grow into a strong and healthy dog.

Working Dog Food

If your dog is also more of a working dog who just loves to get muddy all day and toil across the fields, you will also be glad to know that there are a variety of quality dog foods specially made for working dogs. Skinners Field & Trial range for example, caters to a whole range of working dogs whilst providing food that meets their own specific requirements.

Skinners Turkey & Rice with Joint Aid for example is a specially formulated dish that caters for those dogs who just need that little bit of extra tender loving care with their joints.

Made with sensitivity in mind, the dog food also provides care for skin, coat and digestive conditions, making sure that your dogs dietary requirements are well looked after.

Diabetic & Recovery Dog Food

After being designed by one of the leading vets in the United Kingdom, who noted that poor dietary standards were the cause of many canine health problems, John Burns began formulating his own formula of chicken and rice.

Over the past twenty years Burns Dog Food has grown into one of the leading UK brands in dog food. Burns canine High Oats dog food for example caters for poorly dogs who suffer from weight difficulties and diabetes; the dish offers your dog all the ingredients he needs to help him become the happy dog that you know and love.

Treats for your Dog

Like humans, all dogs love those special treats at the end of the working day. That’s way James Wellbeloved Dog Treats offer a wide range of healthy and exciting delicacies that your dog will look forward to time and time again.

Take for example JWB’s Lamb & Vegetable crackerjacks that are made from natural ingredients and are hypoallergenic; meaning that even sensitive dogs can have a taste at this wonderful doggy treat.

A Balanced Lifestyle is Important

Of course, no matter how good or healthy your dog food is, it is imperative that your dog receives regular exercise so that he can go on to live a happy and long life, because a healthy dog will always be a happy dog.

This article has been written by Chris Taylor, an enthusiastic dog blogger and dog owner on behalf of GJW Titmuss.

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