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Cats Finally Able to Use Twitter

Why should cats miss out on all the fun of Twitter? Or at least that’s what electronics giant Sony thought when they invented their tweeting cat collar.

The collar comes bundled with an accelerometer, GPS device and camera making it the perfect device to automatically log your cat’s day-to-day life.

The kit is able to send tweets to a Twitter profile based on the activities of the cat depending on how the information from the accelerometer and GPS device are interpreted. For example, if the accelerometer hasn’t detected any motion for a while and then suddenly detects that your cat is getting up, the collar might tweet something like:

“just got up after a looong snooze…”

There are only 11 predetermined phrases built in to the collar at the moment but as Sony tinker with their new toy, they do intend to add more. They also intend to build upon the capabilities of the camera, allowing it to become smart enough to recognise different cat’s faces!

Whilst there are plenty of ways this collar can be used for fun (imagine the camera posting photo’s of other cats it meets on it’s travels for example) there is also a fairly serious and useful application of being able to track your cat with GPS – which we covered in an earlier article.

If your cat has its own twitter account then this collar probably sounds like something you’d be interested in right? Unfortunately it is only a prototype; however, maybe one day we’ll see these collars mass produced for our cats and dogs!

The collar connects to your computer via Bluetooth, which then proceeds to create and send a tweet. This obviously introduces a few limitations but it is only a prototype after all! Another limitation might be the size – previous GPS collars we’ve seen have been a little on the large side.

Your Thoughts

So do you think this is a fun idea? Would you ever consider giving you cat a collar like this? How much would you be willing to pay? When you think about it, it’s almost like giving our cats a voice – which is quite a scary thought!

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