Pet Name Generator

About the Random Pet Name Generator

Our random pet name generator has now been updated to include the top pet names from 2013 for new puppies and kittens. Keep clicking the buttons above to generate random pet name ideas for your new dog or cat. If your’re thinking about getting a new puppy, be sure to read our guide on things to consider.

This pet name generator includes the most popular puppy names of 2013 and the most popular kitten names of 2013, as investigated by VetStreet. The VetStreet database consisted of 925,000 puppies born in 2013 and 425,000 kittens born in 2013.

See here for the most popular kitten names.

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Pet Name Advice

Whilst the random pet name generator is good to help you get some ideas for your new dog or cat, there are some other factors you might want to consider when it comes to giving your new pet a name:

  • Picking a shorter name makes it easier for your dog or cat to understand their own name. Long names can be difficult for pets to interpret.
  • Don’t give your pet an inappropriate name, such as a derogatory slang term. This could cause embarrassment for you later down the line or even cause offence to others – especially when calling your dog back to you in the park!
  • Once you’ve settled on a name, it’s recommended that you stick with it so as not to confuse your pet. Although when they are a young kitten or puppy, you can get away with trying out a couple of names to see which one they respond best to. Attempting to change an adult dog or cats name will only cause them confusion however.
  • You’ll want to avoid picking names that sound similar to common commands, such as ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’ or ‘Fetch’.
  • Hard consonants such as ‘T’ or ‘K’ are easier for your pet to distinguish. Consider this when picking a name such as ‘Tigger’ over ‘Sox’.