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[highlight-red]Offers No Longer Available[/highlight-red] | Pets at Home, the reputable chain of UK pet superstores has teamed up with Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved to bring a special offer to cat owners. By signing up online and giving Pets at Home a few details you will be entitled to a free bag of cat food.

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Premium pet foods are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, however it can be difficult to warrant trying ones of these premium brands if you and your pet are both happy with the food they are eating at the moment. It can also be difficult to break brand loyalty when you have never had a problem with the brand you are using. That’s why these free offers are great! It gives you and your pet the opportunity to try something new and it also gives new brands a chance to win your custom.

Royal Canin Free Cat Food Voucher

Royal Canin and Pets at Home have teamed up to offer you are free 400g bag of cat food! Sign up online and you will have your voucher emailed to your – redeemable at the Pets at Home you specify when signing up.

The voucher is valid till the 31st of December and only 1 voucher is redeemable per person. This offer is also subject to availability and it is worth noting that not all Royal Canin cat food products are stocked at every Pets at Home.

Note: By receiving this offer you will be automatically signed up to receive both Pets at Home and Royal Canin newsletters and other communications by email. Whilst it can be good to receive these emails as they can offer both advice and promotions, some prefer not receive constant emails – for the free bag of cat food however, it is worth receiving an initial email from which you will be able to unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of the email.

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James Wellbeloved Free Cat Food Voucher

James Wellbeloved and Pets at Home have teamed up to bring you a free 225g bag of dry cat food. Again you will be required to supply your email address which will add you to both James Wellbeloved and Pets at Home mailing lists. However you can easily remove yourself from these (see note above).

The voucher is valid till the 31st of December and only 1 voucher is redeemable per person. This offer is also subject to availability.

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You are free to use both these vouchers to claim over 600g worth of free cat food – that is almost 2 weeks worth of free food (Based on the recommended 50g of kibble per day). Go ahead and share these vouchers with your friends – claim your free pet food today.

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