Pet Photographer Spotlight: An Interview with Tudor Costache

We recently got the chance to have a chat with photographer Tudor Costache about some of the amazing animal photography he has done, all of which you can see over on Tudor’s Flickr account.

If you love your dog photos, then you are in for a treat! Be sure to have a read through Tudor’s interview and take a look at some of our favourite snaps.

Stick around till the end because Tudor has some great advice for all the budding pet photographers out there!

If you love these photos as much as we do, you might be interested in Tudor’s book Easy Ryder, which has some absolutely gorgeous shots of Tudor’s Beagle mix, Ryder.

An Interview with Tudor Costache

See Tudor’s interview below after this selection of just some of our favourite images…

Do you always have a camera to hand? If so, what is the one piece of kit you could never leave home without?

I never go anywhere without my Canon 5D ii and 50mm lens. It’s portable, snappy, and light enough to take pretty much anywhere.

You’ve got some gorgeous photos of your dog, Ryder, what is she like to work with?

Ryder is a great model. She’ll do anything for a little sausage and a belly rub. She’s so cooperative now that even when we’re just walking around the neighbourhood she’ll hop on benches and ask me to take pictures.

They say never work with children or animals, would you agree?

I’ve worked with both children and animals and absolutely loved it. Kids and dogs don’t have any expectations of how the image is going to come out. They just want to have fun and move, and you got to move with them. And they love kibble. At least the dogs do.

If you had to guess, how many photos would you say you’ve taken of Ryder?

I probably have over 20,000 shots of Ryder. In most of them she’s a complete blur.

Ryder has some great poses, we particularly love her sporting the red sunglasses! These poses make for some great photos, are they something that come naturally or is there a lot of careful planning involved?

With a beagle mix (such as Ryder) it sometimes takes a lot of coaxing to get the right shot. To get her to keep the glasses on her head in front of the right red door took quite a bit of work. But my favourite shots of her are the ones where she’s not ‘posing’ for the camera but just doing her thing.

For instance, Ryder really likes to howl. Last summer we went on a road trip to St. Thomas where Jumbo the elephant was killed. Right in front of Jumbo’s statue she started howling — I think she likes Jumbo and it made for a nice shot.

It seems like Ryder gets to go on some fantastic road trips, does she enjoy travelling and sightseeing?

She loves travelling. This summer we spent about three weeks near Halifax, NS just hiking and chilling by the ocean. Her favourite thing is to run in the forest and afterwards bask in the sun on a beach. These are my favourite things too, so we get along great.

A few years ago you took part in your own 365 Dog Days’ challenge where you took a photo of Ryder every day for a whole year! How did you find the challenge?

It’s really hard to get a good shot of Ryder every day. Ryder has some bad days when it’s raining, or she’s been to the vet, or when she rolls in a pile of poop and needs a shower, or I have to go to work.

Most days are pretty dull in a dog’s life. The challenge is finding the interesting tidbits of Ryder, and forcing yourself to take a doggy picture every day really pushes you to be creative.

As gorgeous as Ryder is, she isn’t your only subject is she? From insects and birds to architecture and abstract, is there a genre of photography you favour the most?

Thanks to Ryder I’m starting to like people photography a lot more. I’m finding that people can also give long, wistful looks in the same way puppies can.

I think that all the photos I’ve taken of Ryder have made me more sensitive to the mood of a shot and of the subject than I was before.

A difficult question that everyone loves to ask photographers, do you have a favourite photo?

I had to ask Ryder her opinion. She really hasn’t given this much thought. But she very much likes the next photo that is going to happen at some future point because it probably means she’ll get more treats.

And finally, what advice would you give to our readers trying to get the best shots of their pets?

You really have to get down on the ground where the wild things are. I spend so much time crawling in the grass after Ryder I think I must be part dog by now. Looking an animal eye-to-eye is the first step to get that awesome shot.

Our thanks go to Tudor for taking the time to participate in this interview. If you want to see more of Tudor’s work be sure to check out his Flickr.

For those of you who have fallen in love with Ryder as much as we have, you might be interested in taking a look at Tudor and Ryder’s book Easy Ryder available over at Blurb.

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  1. Cherie K. Miller (@Impeeved)

    Great advice for us “amateur” dog photographers – they’re a tough subject since they never sit still – but it’s a great reminder to keep the camera handy.

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  2. Great advice and some lovely shots of Ryder. Great inspiration for us all to get out there and photograph our pets. Thank you

  3. Mary, Roxy and Torrey

    Great photos, what personality in all those dogs.

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  5. Thanks for the photo tips. I admire anyone who can take 365 days of pet photos! Happy Saturday!

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