save on pet care costs

How to Save on Pet Care Costs

The western world is a nation of pet lovers. The number of households that have a pet of one sort or another is extremely high. In fact, it may be rare to find a home without a cat or dog, or some other pet. Because pets are generally treated as part of the family there is a lot of money spent on their care. Although no one wants to scrimp on pet care, you may be interested in these 7 handy tips on how to save on pet care costs.


Although using coupons is usually thought of as a way to save money on shopping bills, if you watch the ads in the Sunday paper you may come across a coupon or two that applies to pet food or other pet supplies, such as accessories or pet vitamins. Using coupons is a proven method of saving money, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity. The internet too is also a great place to go coupon hunting – in fact we have 3 vouchers on this site:

Pet Insurance

You can save also save money on pet care by taking out a pet insurance policy. This type of insurance works differently than typical health insurance does. Instead, it is similar to property insurance. If your pet is injured or becomes ill, you pay to have them cared for, and then receive reimbursement later on, minus the deductible. Pet insurance saves money because, like medical care for a human being, veterinary costs continue to rise.

Due to the advances in technology, a vet’s office uses equipment that wasn’t even invented a few years ago in treating your pet, and they have to pay for that equipment by increasing their rates. Having pet insurance will allow you to have your pet treated even though the cost may seem outrageous. Without an insurance policy in place, it can be a struggle to find the funds to have them treated.

Preventive Care

Another way that pet insurance may help is to include preventive care in your policy. Although this type of coverage may be somewhat expensive, it can ultimately save you money by ensuring your pet is in the best of health because you’ll be better able to afford routine checkups. This, along with making sure your pet eats properly and gets enough exercise will make them healthier and prolong their lives. Veterinary care has come a long way in recent years, and taking your pet to a vet regularly will ensure they’re in good health.

Keep Your Pet Happy

A healthy pet is a happy pet! If you make sure your pet is well cared for by giving them enough exercise and feeding them healthy foods, they will more than likely become healthy, and stay that way. Although there is no definitive evidence, many people believe that having a happy, healthy pet will also prolong their own lives. A pet is a good companion, and taking care of them can be therapeutic – and will also save on vet’s bills!

Share Expenses

It is common knowledge that buying in bulk is less expensive than buying just a few items at a time. Although it may not be practical for you to buy a thousand cans of dog food to feed your poodle, if you have neighbors, friends, or relatives who also own dogs, you could all go in together to buy a large quantity of food and split it up between you. The cost per can could be reduced immensely.

Do Your Own Grooming

Grooming your pet can be costly if you pay a professional to do it. Instead, you can save some money by grooming your pet yourself. You can buy a pair of hair clippers from a discount store and cut their hair. Don’t expect professional results from your first try, but if you stick at it the practice will definitely show! Trimming a pet’s toenails could be tricky the first few times you try it, but with a little patience and a few ‘do over’s’ you will eventually become proficient.

Save on Medication

You may be able to save a few bucks on your pet’s medication by buying it from online pharmacies. Because the online warehouses don’t have the overhead of a vet’s office, they can offer the medication for less. If you approach your vet and tell them about the savings, they may be willing to meet or beat the price so they won’t lose your business.

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