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HP Determines Cat Hair a Biological Hazard: Laptop Warranty Voided

cat hair in laptop voids warranty

Consumer rights blog ‘The Comsumerist’ recently reported how, after sending in their laptop for repair, one reader was shocked to hear their laptop couldn’t be repaired due to ‘excessive’ amounts of cat hair. Chris sent his still-under-warranty HP laptop back to HP after finding a manufacturing defect. However HP refused to repair the laptop as there was ‘so much’ cat …

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Pet Allergies – Why Suffer in Silence?

Pet Allergies Dog

Anybody who owns a pet understands just how frustrating pet hair can be – especially within the home of allergy sufferers. Home owners go to the extent of vacuuming, dusting and cleaning, only to see their efforts go unrewarded. An estimated 10% of the entire population are allergic to animals and even minimal exposure to discarded fur in the home can be enough to trigger a reaction. Factoring into account that 70% of households own a dog or a cat and you can truly understand the extent of this problem and how important it is to minimise exposure. Image by OakleyOriginals

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