Treating dog allergies with homeopathy

Treating Your Pet’s Allergies with Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the treatment of diseases with natural, herbal products. There is a lot of controversy over whether or not they actually work – especially in human medicine, but there are many people in the animal community who believe that natural remedies are the way forwards.

One thing to bear in mind with homeopathic remedies is that their action is not going to be as potent or rapid as prescribed drugs. It can often take time to notice the effects of giving natural ingredients to treat an illness – but the benefit is much less severe side effects, if any!

Now, you may be familiar with people being allergic to dogs and/or cats, but did you know that pets can develop allergies too?  You’re probably not going to stumble across a cat or dog that is allergic to humans but you’d be surprised at how common other allergies in pets can be!

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What Type of Allergies Can Dogs and Cats Develop?

The most common way to diagnose an allergy in a dog or cat is to look at their skin. Whilst an allergy may provoke a runny nose, sneezing or coughing in humans, in cats and dogs especially – it is the skin that suffers. There are ways to alleviating cat allergies with immunotherapy and help you relieve allergies.

The Types of Allergies Pets Suffer From

There are four primary groups of allergic response, all of which cause skin problems. Inflammation of the skin is known as dermatitis. The four groups are:

  • Atopic Dermatitis – Caused by a number of antigens (something which causes an allergic response), such as pollen, mould or dust
  • Nutritional Dermatitis – A new diet or poor quality diet can cause inflammation of the skin if your dog isn’t getting enough nutrients
  • Parasitic Dermatitis – Skin inflammation caused by; fleas, mites, ticks and other nasty skin bugs!
  • Neurogenic Dermatitis – This type of allergy is more difficult to deal with, as it can be unclear as to what causes the flare up of the skin. Often caused by genetic disorders or metabolic problems

Suggested Treatments

Firstly a good medicated shampoo for dogs can help reduce the pain and inflammation (although it will not treat the allergy).Can Nettles Treat Allergy Allergies

A traditional vet is likely to prescribe an anti-allergy serum which requires testing your pet to see what the cause of the allergy might be – this can be costly, but will provide rapid relief from the allergy for your pet.

If you’d prefer to take the homeopathic route, Nettle Extract has been shown to have some mild anti-allergy properties. Try supplementing your pet’s diet with the nettle extract and an omega 3/6 supplement as the essential fatty oils (omega 3 and 6) will help improve your pet’s coat and skin condition.

Your Thoughts

Would you treat a pets’ allergy problem with this homeopathic remedy? Or would you prefer to go down the traditional route despite costs? Homeopathic remedies often have little, if any supporting evidence but many people do claim that after trying them, that they have noticed a result. It might be worth trying the homeopathic treatment first and if you fail to see any sort of result then consult your vet.

Be aware that in extreme conditions, you should always favour the vet over homeopathy as they will be able to provide rapid acting treatments that can relieve a animal suffering from pain.

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