The Best Dog Roundworm Medications

It’s never a fun thing realizing that your pampered pooch has contracted roundworms. The average dog owner doesn’t realize that Fido has worms until he is cleaning the feces from the yard.

So the job is nasty enough, but to come across canine stool with wiggling spaghetti-like creatures moving around is downright stomach-turning. For those of us who have experienced this, we’ll admit that we all, um, threw up a little in our mouths. Be honest! You did.

The truth of the matter is that roundworms are nasty creatures, and your dog needs to be rid of them as soon as possible. Roundworms attach themselves to the lining of the intestines and can create major problems for your canine.

If you see anything moving in your pet’s feces, take a stool sample to the veterinarian to have a fecal flotation test done. This test will reveal exactly which worms your pooch has so that he can be treated safely and become healthy again.

Pyrantel Pamoate Is Preferred

Anyone who knows anything that is useful about canines will tell you that Pyrantel Pamoate is the preferred medication for treating roundworms.

Pyrantel Pamoate can be found under a variety of labels as it is marketed in several strengths. Nemex, D- Worm and others are over-the-counter medications that were created to treat dogs for roundworms. There are many veterinarians who will administer Nemex for roundworms in their office, but most seem to prefer Strongid. In my opinion, Strongid is the best dog roundworm medication available. It is simple to administer and — guess what? — it works. I have had many rescue dogs come through my home with rounds, and I swear by it, as does my veterinarian.

Of course, worm management is essential. You must be diligent if you ever hope to eliminate roundworms from your happy home. All canine fecal matter must be cleaned up immediately, and the area should be disinfected with bleach and water. Always wear disposable booties when cleaning the yard so that you don’t track any worm eggs back into your home.

While you are trying to get rid of your pup’s roundworms, keep him away from public areas where other pets play. You could spread the worms, which would lead to a constant re-infestation of worms for your four-legged friend.

Find the Febendazole

Some folks swear by wormers that contain Febendazole. I have not found Febendazole to be as successful as Strongid or Nemex. Should you use one of the products that contain Febendazole and it actually worked, please let us know. For now, my rescue dogs with be wormed with either Nemex or Strongid.

At-Home Roundworm Remedies

I have to put my two cents in regarding people who swear they can cure roundworm infestations in dogs by using home remedies. Although every pet owner, show dog enthusiast, rescue organization and animal shelter would love to find the magic wand for this problem, it just isn’t going to happen in the near future. Honestly, I haven’t found a home recipe that works in roundworm removal.

Many years ago, people believed that castor oil would eliminate roundworms from pets. This was detrimental to out furry friends. Castor oil simply causes the dog’s stomach and bowels to get in an uproar. The oil causes stomach cramping, which many people think will help the dog squeeze the worms out of their hiding places. And then…. the diarrhea begins.

As a pet owner, do the right thing and talk with your vet about the proper treatment to get rid of your dog’s roundworms using the best treatment available.

By Roseann Lahey, who contributes to, a pet advice web site. By the way, did you know that humans can get worms from dogs? Yuck!

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