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How the Dog Personality Questionnaire Works

This dog personality questionnaire (DPQ) is based on the research in the thesis: Jones, A. C. (2009). Development and validation of a dog personality questionnaire. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Texas, Austin.

The work is a collaboration between Amanda Jones and the University of Texas, Department of Psychology, with the aim to create a validated questionnaire that could personality profile a domestic dog based on numerous questions. There are two versions of the dog personality questionnaire, a short (45 questions) and a long (70+ questions). This online interpretation of their work uses the questions and scoring from the short version.

We’ve assigned some personalities of our own depending on the answers you give in the dog personality questionnaire. Let us know in the comments what personality type your dog is!

Please note that although this questionnaire is based on the thesis above, it is intended for entertainment purposes only.

There are 12 Dog Personalities in the DPQ:

  1. The Excitable Academic – High activity/excitability and responds well to training.
  2. The Brainbox – Responds very well to training.
  3. The Bold Adventurer – Not fearful and highly active/excitable.
  4. Brave – Not fearful at all!
  5. The Not-So-Man’s Best Friend – Shows aggression towards other people.
  6. The Lazy-Bones – Low activity/excitability.
  7. The Dominant One – Shows aggression towards other dogs.
  8. The Try Hard – Very excitable/active but doesn’t respond so well to training.
  9. The Socialite – Very friendly towards people.
  10. The Scaredy-Dog – Very feaful.
  11. Easy Going – Loves people, loves other dogs and is quite laid back.
  12. The Good Fella – An all rounder, not too much or too little of any of the personality criteria on this questionnaire.
Let us know what personality type your dog got in the comments below – and more importantly whether or not you agree! If you enjoyed this questionnaire, why not share on Facebook?


  1. Quite surprised to see a scientific based website giving any time to the outdated dominance theory.

  2. My dog came up the Excitable Academic. That made me laugh but it’s probably true. She is very smart but she’s always having so much fun. She thinks everything is exciting. She loves everyone she meets. She started out life as a show dog so she has lots of personality and she was super-socialized as a puppy. Nothing ever phases her. She’s the greatest dog in the world. She is not aggressive toward other dogs at all but her doggy housemates know she’s top dog. 🙂

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