Canine Pregnancy Calculator and Calendar

This canine pregnancy calculator will give you the expected dates of whelping for your mated bitch. Simply enter the date of the first mating and you will be given an estimated date of pregnancy. You’ll also find a detailed calendar of what to expect week-by-week after calculating the due date.

See here for more information on caring for your dog during pregnancy.

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Anna Fotografia / Via Facebook: anapaulagrillophotographer
Anna Fotografia / Via Facebook: anapaulagrillophotographer

If you’d like more information, read our article about the signs and symptoms of canine pregnancy. This article has lots of information about spotting the signs of pregnancy. You might also like our guide on caring for your dog when pregnant.

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  1. This is a very helpful website, many thanks.
    I have bred my colored Boston T. This is her 1st litter and my 1st Boston. I have bred other breeds but her being my 1st BT and it being her 1st litter is exciting and a little scary at the same time. Thanks for all the good information, it’s very much appreciated.

  2. What’s the longest a chihuahua can be pregnant for? My chihuahua had many breed dates in February and stopped bleeding on Feb 21st but still got tied after the 21st till the 26th of February.

    • Hello! My dog’s due date was between the 18th-20th and she’s showing no signs of labor. After reading your post, I was wondering how it went for you? Thank you!

      • There’s no specific science to the when your dog will go into labor..The bitch will usually give you signs like Heaving breathing,vaginadischarge,digging and pacing etc..Just be watchful..

  3. My day is on day 64 from the first mating, she is showing no signs of being ready to deliver. What is the date I should start to worry?


  4. Hi its been 7 days since our three year collie was mated could she be showing signs yet as she’s is staying very close to my wife more then before also when take her out walking she always loves her walk and me throwing her ball now I throw her ball once and then she runs back to the car where my wife is but wife throws ball for her and she’s OK .this is something she’s never done before also she seems to be very different she’s very loving we know its early but could the above be signs that she’s pregnant

  5. I think my dog is pregnant I am starting to look at different weeping ideas and think a large dog crate is a good idea she is a bichon, just need a bit of advice I also have 2 other dogs who all get on great will this be the case when the pups arrive or do I did to separate the weeping box away from them many thanks

    • Mom and pups need quiet place with no other animals. Helps to set up whelping room a week ahead of time make sure all your whelping supplies are handy. My sweet beagles girls become ferocious mommies once the pups arrive the less stress the better. You need to be able to get to all sides of your girl when she is whelping incase she or a puppy need help. Check out several internet sites on whelping to help you get a list of supplies and whelping room ideas. Start saving $$$ for possible emergency vet care, puppy check ups etc.

    • I found when my jack Russell had her first litter she got very protective of her pups, normally with my other two dogs she gets along great with them but once the pups arrived they couldn’t even step into the same room as her and her babies. Good luck with mum and puppies hope all goes well

    • How do you think my Lab/border collie will react to my Golden retriever having puppies. The lab is 12 years old. I’m kinda nervous but when she isn’t expecting they are best buddies
      Thank you

  6. She ended up giving birth on April 25th and they said its not in natural for them to go a few days over due date.

  7. My 5 yrs old boxer and my 1 yr old boxer bread on july 19,21,23. Then she would not let him touch her no more after that. She sleeps alot and dont eat but once a day of which there is always food in her bowl .She will not play with him and seems to be very cautious with herself. she has a little milky color discharge.Her belly is very tight when she is on her back feet when I rub her belly. On Aug 26 took her to the vet and he said it was to early to tell yet.I am getting morning sickness. Do u think she is pregnant? From what date to what date would be her due date?

    • Your dog will be due around September 20th. I am always expecting the pups to come a week before the due date so be prepared. The vet could have done a blood test to determine if she was pregnant. Now you can bring her in for a X-ray to actually see the skeletons of the pups to confirm how many pups she has.

  8. We are registered breeders but still new to the process. We had 2 locks – 4 days appear – and wanted to knownhowbthe second lock affects the due date. First lock was July 13, 2016, second was July 17. Ideally we wanted these closer together but had a last minute hiccup in coordinating schedules with our stud. Could you provide some insight as to how that second lock may affect her due dates so we have an idea when it is necessary to get out vet involved? She is very tired and comfotable at the moment. Pups are still very active inside her. She has given me no cause for concern at this point but I am getting anxious the closer we get t the 16th. I knownhaving the Pups in her too long can be detrimental. She has had 2 prior litters that have both gone around day 62 and had no issues with birth or delivery. We have never had to get a her involved with her in the past and like I said, She is exhibiting no signs of stress of discomfot that is concerning to make me think that we need vet intervention right now.

    Looking forward to your response.

    • You go off the first mating. A dogs cycle starts when she ovulates, not when sperm meets eggs.. this is why you go off first mate as a timeline because the sperm meet the eggs fairly quickly, unlike humans can take days.

      My shiah Tzu has gone a week over due once, all puppies were fine and in good health no intervention needed… 63 days is just the average, can be before – can be after.

      • My 4 yr old pugwas bred Valentine day week she appears to be in labor now panting hard resting not getting around very well now is it to early to have her pups

  9. My male dog went after my female dog 3 days before her heat stopped. That was around sept 22 2016. She has some signs that she is pregnant like swollen nipples and discharge. But her belly is not that big and she does not act like she is pregnant. This is her first litter and she is a small dog. She is a Yorkie pom min pin chi mixed…. she should be due in 2 weeks but like I said her belly is not even showing what could this mean

    • I would just keep an eye on her. When my baby girl was pregnant with her first litter she showed very few signs. We had noticed her nappies had grown, and we could feel very slight movement when she laid on us, but other than that her mood didn’t change, she was still extremely active, her belly was not that big, she was all around just her normal self. Don’t let the belly fool you though, we will had assumed because her belly was so small that she might only have 1 or 2 pups, and she ended up having 7.

    • Our boxer was bred, and we knew her nipples had changed early on, but she never enlarged. Turns out she has a singleton pup, which was too large for her to give birth to without caesarian section. That was the only time i have never done ultrasound by day 30. We had xray on day 56, to confirm pup. That day the pup would have been deliverable, but over the last week it grew enormously and if I hadn’t known for sure, we could have lost my baby girl.

  10. My girl is a few days past due. This is her first litter. She’s eating less this week. She doesn’t seem to be sick. I’m wondering how long should I wait.

  11. My collie is due on christmas day. So excited. Hope everything goes to plan, she is now starting to get alot bigger and her apetite is much larger so going well so far

  12. Oh phoebe know how you feel my lhaso is due say day more scared than her she so good at moment good luck

  13. My Lhasa Brandi is due her 2nd litter on March 6th she’s then going onto retirement bless her, ( keeping 2 this time ) I can’t wait!! she’s now almost 4weeks preggers hopfully I think she is anyway as she mated with her boyfriend laicon around 5 times, 5 locks… I’m just wondering why she’s not showing growth in her belly this time around though because I am sure she was already showing from her first pregnancy before now? What’s the chances of her even being preggers? I think her nips are more rosy n bigger but hard to tell with second breed as her nips are already big from first Litter 1 year ago. It was all planned correctly by her being receptive by the 13/14/15th day and like i said she had 5locks or more please let me know the likelyhood and odds that she is preggers or not? Thank you x

  14. Thank you for all the valuable information you provided as to what’s happening each week. We had an u/s yesterday and there are for sure 3 baby Bostons. Vet said bring her back a week before she whelps to get a better count!

  15. Hi,my little border is 54 days today from first and only mating.. she looked like she was going into labour yesterday at day 53 with a few contractions, shaking and nearly being sick.. today her tummy is very tight and low but have not seen any more contractions. she is still eating but not much.. if they were to be born tonight or tomorrow, would they survive ?

  16. Hello,I mated my lhasa apso on the 3/01/2017 that was her first mate,its five weeks now and her stomach is not out yet just that her Nipple is large and reddish at the tip.when she sit I can feel a little tighten down her stomach but if she is standing it’s small.when do pregnancy start to show in small dogs?.I really want to know if she is pregnant so I can start preparing

  17. My pug is 64 days pregnant to day n no signs ov her going in to labour is it OK 4 her to go ova ?

  18. i just like to say a big thanks been useing this site since we found out that when are dog got mated and today on this 10th march 2017 we are havin 4 puppys we went today and had a ultrasound and we carrying on useing until she give birth mum is chihuahua cross jack russell and the dad is chihuahua cross jack russell

  19. My South African Mastiff female delivered her litter as indicated by the calculator on the 18th of March. The site was very helpful and really prepared me for whelping. Kudos

  20. Stephanie Beckham

    My Shih Tzu girl had several slip matings (no ties) between 6th Feb and 9th Feb, then an ultra sound scan at 5 weeks which showed one pup. She has been very well, just a few behavioural changes early on and went off her food for a few days. She is now on day 65-ish (April 15th) On day 64 she showed signs of first stage of labour with a bit of panting and signs of milk coming in. Her weight has hardly changed and she is very well and happy with all the attention but no more signs of labour! Her eye pupils are still dilated and milk there but that is all. Is it poss she conceived later than I thought? Could she go to day 70? Her temp is staying pretty normal between 37.5 to 37.7 though there was one slight drop on April 14th but it came up again. Could her pup have been re-absorbed so late on?

  21. Stephanie Beckham

    today she got very lively a couple of times and started playing with a toy then running in the garden – doesnt look much like a full labour to me so I am feeling rather disheartened

  22. my jack russel mated on the 17 feb so that makes her 63days but the only sign i have is losing small bits of jelly type gunk,she large nipples really big and he stomach is really low ive never done this before so i dont no what to expect thanks

    • Hi.
      My jack russel is due 26th April. We dont know an exact mating date but from herbultrasound they said 26th. Ita our first time too but im very anxious. Her neiiples are swollen and shebis loosing a bit of milk. She is very tired but stil eating and seems fine other than tiredness.
      Im hoping she has the puppies this weekend while were off work because i want to be here when it happens

  23. hi! I just want to ask, it will be the 3rd time of my pug to be pregnant, she only had 1 stud on the 6th day, will it be possible that she will be pregnant?thanks

  24. My ridgeback cross pit bull bitch is a day over seven weeks and I am so excited. She is going to be such a great mother.
    Her milk comes when i squeeze her nipples even at the front though I am very confident of her first tie with the gorgeous stud. She is due May 17th and I have my days off work planned already to be with her. Her belly is huge and hanging low when she stands. She is so hungry and will happily finish three meals a day, and I am more than happy to give her everything she wants. I am keeping a bitch puppy- one with her nature as she is so loyal, loving and obedient. My first litter and hers as well. I have bought her a heavy duty galvanished 8 panel enclosure and will kit her out with blankets, a trampoline bed and plenty of newspaper for all that puppy poop. It is large enough for me to sit in there with her. I live in the outback in Australia so there are no vets so I will have to become her vet through intensive research. Therefore no idea how many puppies. I will be doing parvo shots and microchipping myself too. Yikes!!! 🙁
    Good luck to all the new mommies and daddies out there.

  25. our ddb was mated over a period of a week she showed every preg sign I even felt movement (well thought I did)
    she would now be day 64. no sign of labour and looks thinner although milks in and off her food. she’s restless and nesting but looks like it’s all phantom. vet said to bring her in next week to check or sooner if she gets distressed. I’m gutted. anyone else had this?

  26. I bred my Frenchie on May 23rd. This is my first litter and it is so nerve wrecking. There are some days that I’m sure she’s pregnant and then other days that I’m not so sure. Today would be day 23. Her nipples on the right and left in the very back have swollen some and one on the nipple before that. Her mood has changed some. Last week she couldn’t get close enough to me, this week she has been laying more often on the floor by herself. Are there other signs I could be looking for at this time.

  27. My pikenees female is today 65 days pregnant when wil she give birth

  28. My English Bulldog was bred on June 2nd and 3rd. Estimated due date by the calculator is between July 31st -August 4th.
    Today is August 1st, we went to the vet to do a checkup and if no puppies in 48hours, we are doing a C Section on Friday August 4th. Vet said that she is in great health and condition, and that there’s a good chance that she may be able to deliver in her own. Today is day 60. Since we got home she has been panting heavily and refusing to lay down. Her temp this morning was 98.6. It’s 12 hours later on the dot and her temp is 97.1. What’s the chance that she may be starting the labor process??

  29. my Labrador first mating was on the 23/06/2017 took her temp and its below 99deg bt with the calculations shes only due the 25th aug..its not her first litter and also already have milk in her teats

  30. I have a great Dane mated 1st time on 28th June 2017.. due date should be august 30th .. almost 45 days since mated.. I can see no difrence..tits r same as it was in heat..dint put in any weight(obdomen).. is it true day I can see Danes gaining weight and obdomen bulging in the last week or my female haven’t concieved?

  31. My Chihuahua is 42 days pregnant..She was 3.9lbs and now she is this normal I thought she was quite heavy for her size

  32. Hello my dog is pregnant became pregnant august 1st she’s very clingy belly very large nipples very large she started today digging holes when ever outside her appaite is decreasing when should she be having her pups and is this signs

  33. Hi my female American pitbull terrier tied up on August 8th 2017 and that was the only time she tied when Will she be due. Around October 10th?

  34. Hello my chihuahua is currently 31 days I have taken her for ultrasound scan on day 28 get could only see one pup . Maybe two didn’t know if it was the same pup cos it was exactly situated opposite the definite one .does anyone know why vets will not x Ray I live in hull

    • Vets don’t xray until skeletal bones are formed around day 45-50. The bones calcify and can then be seen. Xrays are not accurate prior to this if you are wanting a number count. Ultrasound is as good as the person using it I have found.

  35. My dog had pups August31 when should she come back in heat

  36. Fab page, full of information, my third litter from my mini dachshunds and I always find articles that are full of great info, I never tire of reading the stages and expectancies of each litter even though I have read it all before, I get so excited at this time wondering is she or isn’t she. Thank you for the time dedicated to giving out this information and for answering related questions.

  37. Hi all, could someone give me some advice please my dog is 61 days pregnant her due date is Monday the 5ft she isn’t producing milk yet and I’m starting to worry would that be normal? This will be her second litter all went well the first time hoping it’s the same this time

  38. Hello
    My chi’s first bred was on december 6 2017 and the expected delivery is in this week. But how come her tummy isn’t big? Although her nipples are swollen. But i am very curious about her tummy she doesn’t even look pregnant.

  39. What all weeping supplies should we have. Our girl is a red nosed pitt bull and english mastiff mix, weighing roughly 55 lbs before pregancy. She has a crate with a blanket over it. She should deliver by the 16th of this month. Nipples are fat, with pockets around them. No milk yet, so I think we have a couple of weeks to get ready.

  40. my dog was crossed on the 7th of February 2018… but she have given birth… what will I do

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