Canine Pregnancy Calculator and Calendar

This canine pregnancy calculator will give you the expected dates of whelping for your mated bitch. Simply enter the date of the first mating and you will be given an estimated date of pregnancy. You’ll also find a detailed calendar of what to expect week-by-week after calculating the due date.

See here for more information on caring for your dog during pregnancy.

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Anna Fotografia / Via Facebook: anapaulagrillophotographer
Anna Fotografia / Via Facebook: anapaulagrillophotographer

If you’d like more information, read our article about the signs and symptoms of canine pregnancy. This article has lots of information about spotting the signs of pregnancy. You might also like our guide on caring for your dog when pregnant.

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  1. I have a 2 year old female Chihuahua about 5 weeks pregnant. I want to know how many puppies she will have, but I can’t afford an ultrasound or the vets.What should I do? She had all her shots and is very healthy. I love my little girl so much and want to do what is best for her, but I don’t have much money. Any advice?

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Chihuahuas often have difficult births and require a c-section, given the bulbous shape of their heads. Your pup definitely needs an x-ray to determine the number and size of pups. The mom and puppies can die during delivery if the puppies are too large to get through the mom’s pelvis. Please seek veterinary care. I hope things go well!


    • If you don’t have much money, quit letting her get pregnant….poor dog will suffer at your lack of expense….

      • That was rude ..

        • no it wasnt, it was the truth. Truth seems rude but fact is this woman has 0 money to provide care for her pregnant bitch – do you really think she is at all worried about the care of her dog stating no money for a vet or xray. You would do whatever you need to in that case for the poor dog and pups lifes.

          • Yes she should be careful that no pregnancy happens if she can’t afford emergency care,but that neither here nor there.the puppies are on the way the lady can’t help her money 💰 problem but she cares enough to ask someone for advice. And who are you that’s what’s wrong with people today so quick to point out a problem instead of helping with a solution good job. Now as for the young lady go on the internet and get help there are places that can help

      • Hey Kathy why don’t you stop breeding seems like you need a attitude adjustment

      • I agree with you Kathy.

        If you can’t afford vet care you can’t afford to raise puppies. Sounds like another backyard breeder.

        Kathleen what health /dna tests have you done on your bitch? What about the stud? Do both parents have papers? Do either of parents have confirmation titles?

    • Kathleen,
      How did everything turn out with your Chihuahua?

    • If you can’t afford a vet at this time and being a chihuahua. Should you really be letting her have puppies

    • I had mine scanned and it only cost me 20pound .. fit and fertile in Preston

    • You can find people on Facebook that comes out to do ultrasound I paid 30 pound for my girl

    • Mines about to have her second litter and the first was 4 and this time three, she smashed it last time and here’s hoping she does it again, if near the end she can lick her parts it’s usually less then 4 but if she can’t it’s usually 4 or more, 🤞

  2. When will the puppies start moving

  3. I have a 3 year old Rottweiler that is about 7 weeks pregnant. I noticed she explexed a pup not fully developed. Are the other unborn pups in the same danger.wat should i do?

  4. Toni Southerland

    I have a female Pitt Bull and she first hooked up on March 22 but isn’t in labor and isn’t showing any signs of it.

  5. My Pomeranian bitch is on day 64 of her pregnancy and still no puppies . I have taken this date from her last matting can anyone shine ant light on this .

  6. HI my 10 monthold chihuahua has gotten pregnant on her first heat even though we tried to take every precaution for them not to get together it seems that they must have at some point done this….I’m absolutely worried sick about it all….I was going to mate them just not yet…will she survive the birth this young ?I just don’t know what to do for the best all I care about is her being ok….please please help me because I’m in such a state about it all xx

    • I have a 3 year old yorkie she got pregnant her first heat about 10 monhs old she did fine you may find yourself helping her as I did my yorkie was scared and didn’t know what was going on or even what to do as far breaking the sack around the puppies so I had to help her in that area just be calm and reassure her everything is ok and offer her water she will be fine I even had to cut the cord on a couple of them until she caught on.

    • Stop being Backyard Breeders!!

      US shelters are over run with chihuahua’s and chi mixes. Please stop the insanity! And it is cruel to let puppies become mothers. Spay your dogs!!!!

  7. Will a female dog have puppies right on the 63 day

  8. I have an American pitbull. I believe shes pregnant , but then again she isnt that big to be as far as she is. She is supposed to be due any day now. Her due date is between the 26-30 of this month. Could it possibly be she not that big because her first pregnancy and may only end up have one or two pups? Or if shes this far pregnant, would i be able to legit tell? Im so confused and anxious. I jus want to know lol

    • Mine are due around the 24th and I can easily see them moving. She was also in her first heat and we did everything possible to avoid it. I could tell she was Prego before that weekend. Not sure if that helps or not…

    • Did she tie w/a male? If you didnt see a successful tie she may have a false pregnancy, ours did first time. She was w/ a male but didnt tie successfully. She showed all signs of pregnancy & acted like it with her body too. Only way to confirm is vet.

      • Hi, my name is Mel I’m from Australia. I have a few questions as to if my 1 year old French bulldog is pregnant she most likey conceived on the 4.06.19 and her expected due dates are 02.08.19 – 08.08.19 I didn’t want this to happen because of her being young and a small build. My male took my female for walks so they could you know get it on haha lol. Know on a serious note I’m not sure if they succeeded and was wondering if anyone could put me in the right direction. Example should i get her a ultrasound? What if she’s not pregnant and I pay for her to get one? She would be 7 weeks today should i make her stay in puppy pen till then? It looks like she’s only having 1-4 pups and she’s very snappy towards male at a meal time when waiting. Please please help thank you. Xx

      • My female and the male locked December 11th 2020, shes possibly 6-7 weeks and due supposedly feb8th-feb12th.

        He stomach isn’t swollen looking at all? And only bottom 4 boobs look as little bigger then before…. I have tried feeling her stomach and I swear I felt about 3 pups.

        This is first litter ?

    • Did your pitbull ever have her puppies? And if so, when did she finally show? I have a wirefox terrier who should be day 52 today. She is fatter and has a tiny pouch when I pick her up but otherwise acts completely normal. This would be her first litter, so I was trying to stay hopeful that she is, in fact, pregnant and is not showing as prominent due to this being her first time stretching her muscles. Very curious how common it is to not show, thanks!

  9. I have a Yorkie /Poo more Yorkie small trying to figure out her due date but I have read that they give birth like a week early .wondering how true that is .This is her first litter

  10. I have a 3 year old yorkie she got pregnant her first heat about 10 monhs old she did fine you may find yourself helping her as I did my yorkie was scared and didn’t know what was going on or even what to do as far breaking the sack around the puppies so I had to help her in that area just be calm and reassure her everything is ok and offer her water she will be fine I even had to cut the cord on a couple of them until she caught on.

  11. Help my chi is 13 months old and has mated with my other chi she is approx 3 weeks pregnant but has gone off her food and is very picky in what she eats, she will sleep for around 18 hours during the day, please is this behavior.

    • Kathy, it is very normal for bitches to go off their food and even throw up due to morning sickness. The decrease in energy levels is normal as well. Her appetite should pick up again about week 4-5. If she continues to be picky, give her whatever she will eat that is healthy and safe for her so that the puppies can grow well. Good luck!

    • I have a black mouth cur who is due in 5 days. She was very picky eating I hardly saw her at the food bowl. Now she’s a pig she will eat anything last night she was eating grapes towards the end like the last 2 weeks they become a pig and will eat anything

      • Grapes and raisins can cause acute kidney failure in dogs and cats! Please do not give your dogs grapes you could risk their life. Hope puppys were OK.

      • I am sure things turned out fine but grapes are on the top 5 things that are poison to dogs, I was very surprised to hear thinking they would be healthy

  12. I have a poodle and she’s like four years old and she’s pregnant she got pregnant June 15 2018 when is she do

  13. Hi, I have 2 and half year old mix breed wrott and Boer, I crossed her 30th of may and repeated it 5th June but in my calculation I think she have to be due either 30th July or 5th August but up til now know sign of whelping but I can see the belly is big I checked her breast and there is milk. Am confused. Today is 9th August. What do I do

  14. Shihzu mated 7-4-18 I’m feeling babies move her due date seems to far away with all that movement

  15. We tried mating our Jack Russell bitch on day 9 of her heat. She was receptive and intercourse took place but they did not tie. We retried every two days – intercourse always took place but no tying. On day 20 they mated and tied. For working out a potential whelping date do we go from the first time they mated even though they didn’t tie or from the one time they tied?

  16. My soon to be 3 yr old pitbull is supposed to be due on Sept 25th. I noticed she has been panting but not heavily. She is just laying down and taking deep breaths infrom time to time. I took her temperature and she is at 98.0 c. Do you think im over thinking things or could she be going into labor soon?

    • My German Shepard was in season last week in October we mated her this was successful we had 2 visits to vet 1 showed skeletons then are last visit was 23rd dec he said on the ultra sound that there were a few but didn’t say how many he gave us worming medicine she is panting a lot kicking her vulva but no lost of appetite or nesting signs

  17. My dog tied for aboit 6 times but ony lasted a few mins she has signs of pregnacy but hasnt put a lot of weight on her nipples have changed .

  18. I have an American straffordshire she’s in her 5th week pregnancy my problem is that she sleeps with us in our bedroom, now I see the problem where I can leave her when she have pups. We have a big garden with a very big room that is good for her and her puppies I’m thinking to put her there but I’m feeling worried not to be inside the house. Does this make a difference for my girl please? Thank you

    • Keep her inside for sure. I suggest setting up a whelping box (this can be a crate) in a warm part of the house where she will be comfortable, and get her used to sleeping in it now. When the puppies are rough and tumble little toddlers I could see moving them to the room you described, but at this early stage she and they will need familiarity and stable warmth.

    • Yes of course, please this is when she’s going to need you and the home she lives in more than ever! She is a house pet I’m assuming? If so she definitely can’t be left like that with new babies

  19. I have my Hope (Pit mix??) Shes due between Nov.11th and Nov.15th we saved her so im not sure if shes had pups b4 but shes HUGE. Shes been the spoiled baby. Ive been keeping up with her like if i was prgnant lol my only thing is i need advice with her puppies. Ive been told and have read that if the pups die at any point its normally during and a month after birth. Like when we have babies we take precautions to avoid SIDS how can I avoid it for my Hopes puppies?

    • Research’fading puppy syndrome’, get a few hot water bottles, towels, syringes (without the needles), some puppy Gatorade (I forget what it’s called) and formula, and a thermometer. Then help her with the birth (be cautious since she’s new to you) and vigorously but gently towel off each puppy to get them dry and squeaking (breathing well). Take extra care of any pups tinged with green, as they may have inhaled their first bowel movement and you want to get them going. Sleepy, limp babies are not necessarily dead. Towel, towel,towel. Mom may crush babies accidentally and she may select one or two to push away and refuse to care for. Put them back in to get food and warmth. Encourage her to clean them. Over the first week you will have puppies fade. That’s where the other supplies come in. Keep them warm (don’t ever let hot water bottles get cold or be too hot if you use them to raise a temp), hydrated, their electrolytes up, wipe their bottoms frequently if mom rejects them, and get calories into them. Above all, keep them warm. There is lots of info online. Google fading puppy syndrome or even watch YouTube videos. Good luck!

  20. I want to start a dog shelter here in Nigeria because people who can’t keep their dogs will usually bring them to me because they know I keep dogs here in Kaduna state,Zaria in G.R.A and sometimes I reject them because of limited resource thought sometimes I feel for those dogs because the owners are probably moving out of town due to transfer from work.I once checked on a gsd,the owner traveled for lot of days and I met the dog already dead on chain at his backyard I was pissed but you can’t report such things here in Nigeria because nobody would care.please who can I contact to get sponsor or adivece on how to go.

  21. Hello, my two huskies bred which is fine I wanted it but with all the reading I’ve done it says she won’t ovulate till around day 11 of her cycle. I also read she most likely won’t allow breeding to occur until day 9 or later, but as soon as she started to bleed she allowed the male to mate with her. Even now a week later she’s still allowing him. My question is which matings would be most accurate to use in finding out when the puppies will be due and when day 50 will be so I can book the x-ray to count the puppies?

  22. Please , I need help. My King German Shepherd has gotten our 11 yrs old Golden Retriever, who has never had puppies, pregnant. We are looking for the signs that. She is pregnant. We are now on day32 . when are wr able to see the difference in her apperance? I am nervous for her, being her first and her age, not to mention his size
    Can anyone help

    • Hello, I’m curious as to how things turned out for your Golden Retriever? I have a Golden Retriever/Collie mix. Shes 9 1/2 yrs. My Husky/German Shepherd mix puppy got her pregnant. I’m so worried… How did the puppies make out? How is momma?

  23. Have a 8 week pregnant Dobermann due the 18th December . Can they go into early labour with first litter she is carrying at least 10 pups

  24. I cannot believe the amount of people on this thread that have allowed their dogs to get pregnant and have absolutely no idea about the process or what they should be doing. Your dogs are your family! Please do all your reading before you mate your animals, if in doubt go to a vet. If you cannot afford a vet DONT let your pet get pregnant!
    My shitzoo is nearing the end of her pregnancy, I waited till she was 3 years old, I selected a beautiful gentle dog for her to mate with and stayed with her throughout the mating process. It can be very scary for the females. I know what to expect and when to expect it, because I read up asked other breeders and consulted my vet.
    I am so sad for dogs that get pregnant on their first season, who have owners who want to put them outside when they normally sleep on their bed, who have no idea that their dog may not be able to give birth without medical intervention.
    Sometimes all people see is money!
    Our jester will have one litter, then be spayed. She is our baby, but has a right to have her own babies.
    Please consider your pets and your circumstances fully before mating your animals.

    • I so agree with every word you said…Everyone should know about their pups, mating, pregnancy and birthing prior to pregnancy. Funds should be available for your pup and not be worrisome. I had three females in heat, they are my babies, and if you cannot watch your dog during heat, you not properly caring for your pup. Be responsible as she says. You love them, show them you love them. Take proper care please of your loved pets.

      • I totally agree I have a question for you i have a chi/Pappillion. Mix who mated nov 19th I can feel and see the pups moving around a lot inside her today I noticed her digging around and wanting to be up under me a lot more than usual is she gonna have them sooner than I thought

    • It’s Shih Tzu. Not Shitzoo. 😒

    • Yes she should be careful that no pregnancy happens if she can’t afford emergency care,but that neither here nor there.the puppies are on the way the lady can’t help her money 💰 problem but she cares enough to ask someone for advice. And who are you that’s what’s wrong with people today so quick to point out a problem instead of helping with a solution good job. Now as for the young lady go on the internet and get help there are places that can help

      • My Mimi mated. Nov 19 and is expecting march10 I was there in the beginning and I will be there when they come lord dogs are my heart of hearts they sleep with me eat with me .comfort me love me unconditionally owe it to our dogs to provide what they need as they do us emotionally so do right by them

        • Hi so just asking I’ve done lots and lots of reading and preparing for my first litter from my rottie, she is coming up 3 yrs and I waited till her 10th day for introducing male to her only introduced but she was more than willing for him to mate her, any way we went back wednesday Friday Sunday he was on her and she was more than excited to see her new boyfriend, unfortunately they didn’t tie now as growing up I always thought a tie had to happen but the breeder who had stud dog said that this is not always the case, I’m praying for her as last season she had a phantom and I didn’t feel she was old enough so wanted to wait she had full phantom of waight gain swollen nipples hair loss around nipples, even milk and contractions she want off food near end and seeing her go through all that I said to my husband I’m searching for the best rottie male I could for our girl all tests done to make shore no health problems both my girl and him, anyway she has been sick a couple of times very tired ECT, I just hope this time she is not going through another phantom and she finally becomes a mummy, yes I will be keeping most of her babies if happens, i have much land and work from home, but seeing some comments I didn’t know if any of you have had a successful pregancey with dogs that didn’t tie would really appreciate it if I could hear happy stories of outcome .

  25. i have a 1 year old and 8mnths siberian husky her first mate was march 24, 2019 when will i expect the puppies to come out

  26. I have a mixed breed of boerbeol and she mated on the 22nd of april 2019 and its been 2months now .She has begun to experience symthomps of pregnancy but i cant really feel the puppies in her womb.Is it that the puppies have not grown yet or its not time for the puppies yo show up

  27. I raised Shichons and my girls always delivered on day 63, and had between 2-5 pups.

  28. I have a 3 year old rott. She had had one litter 1.6 years ago. A false pregnancy last fall. She mated 3rd week in May. I keep watching her. I see her breasts starting to swell but im more worried it’s a false pregnancy.

  29. Yea that don’t make sense if she is at 64 days from last mating the first mating would be more days than most gestation periods are!

  30. My Lhasa apso mated only once and that was 8 September her heat started 2nd September is it possible for her to be pregnant

  31. My Lhasa Apso is now 70 days in and still no sign of labour. I have been to the Vet 3 times in the past week and they have assured me that mother and pups are fine. Ultrasound has been used twice and bloods taken to check calcium levels. I have been advised to take her back tomorrow if still no sign of labour. Has anyone else experienced this problem? The vet said she would try oxytocin tomorrow but I have read up on it and have concerns. As of yesterday, the vet told me that her cervix was not dilated.

  32. I have a beautiful (white) Labrador blue heeler mix Bitch that accidentally tied with the neighbors black mouth curr. I’m worried about the size of the pups since the neighbors curr is huge compared to my bitch. Is my bitch in danger?

  33. Dogs don’t have to tie to become pregnant…my female got pregnant from slip mating and it wasn’t an intentional breeding she got lose and got pregnant from the neighbors dog. We had her spay scheduled for before Christmas and she got loose the 2nd and got pregnant before we could spay her so after the puppies come and are weaned she is getting fixed right away . The point is u don’t have to have a tie mating to get puppies …and just so everyone is aware we are only having 3 puppies and planned to keep all 3 because I don’t trust people to keep them their whole lives and the shelters are to crowded …my females breeding was an accident and nature makes it’s own choices we can’t control it every time …I don’t believe in abortions whether it be animal or human but I do in courage people fix ur dogs as soon as possible so the breeding is controled

  34. Hi everyone.. I have a question. My dog is pregnant and today she’s on her 63 days but no signal of birth. All she does is sleep. Does her pregnancy can go longer? I will appreciate your help.

    • Yes!! Going through it now lol they can be holding on for 70 days, because sperm from the male can stay alive for 7 days so her egg might have not been fertiled on the exact day.. If over or sighns of distress make sure to call the vets, best of luck to you. I go back tomorrow to check her pregestrion levels

  35. My girl is pregnant. A very planned breeding. I have my vet on the phone once a week. They advised against me brining my girl in unless it’s absolutely necessary for me to know how many she’s having. For the health of momma and babies. They know she’s completely healthy, knows she utd on everything. Asks me how she’s eating, what she’s eating and if she’s gaining weight. So far she’s right on everything. My vet said unless she has issues don’t bring her in till the pups are between 6-9 weeks. That’s for all of their check ups and shots and a post natal exam for momma.
    I thought by breeding literature they wanted them in for a prenatal exam and a post natal two days after birth. Not by my vets standards. And they’re one of the best in town.

    It may because of this virus they’re not greedy for the money for unnecessary exams but they just might be the honest ones since they said it was cause unnecessary stress on momma and the babies should not be out until they’re fully weened from mom and have good start from momma’s natural antibodies….. But like I said this is my vet and i am some what experienced in breeding. Breeding large breed dogs and farm animals. With farm animals we don’t do ex-rays, and vet exams and we certainly don’t call in the poster(vet) unless necessary.

    So you stop being rude to people you don’t know and don’t push unfounded nonsense on people. X-rays are for breeders who want to know the litter size 99℅ of the time.

    • I agree with the last comment made. And doing your own research to educate yourself while she is pregnant can go a LONG way. There are so many forums and websites at our disposal. Many individual breeders seem to have an attitude against new breeders, as if they want the breeding doors to shut now that they have arrived, passing judgement, rudeness and not sharing useful information. For those who feel sorry for the animal, step up and help those asking for help. So again, I agree that you do not need an ultrasound if all is well on the list of wellness. I have used ultrasound on one of my females because of her small size, to determine if c sec is necessary. Now I use ultrasound just to know when the Mothers will have delivered their last pup, I like knowing that. In one ultrasound the pups were facing correct for delivery, only to have both of them flip in those last 5 days, what can you do? Nothing, they were both born breech, both survived, it’s not uncommon. It’s also not uncommon to loose a pup during delivery, it happens despite everything going well and normally. I have been breeding for many years with around 20+ litters delivered, 17 at home, 3 rushed to doggie E.R. Lost some, and delivered healthy pups within both circumstances. Breeding is not rocket science, but there is a science to it. I think the best outcome is always going to come down to planned breeding, which includes perhaps most importantly, the right pairing, (genetically, size wise, ages, etc) but before you say “I ‘plan” to breed her” you aught to know the BEST way to do so before you proceed. Again, there is a plethora of info on the internet so even folks with tight pocketbooks can enjoy it too. I bred my first Pom after I wasn’t able to have kids, I LOVED it and continued to do so for my own pleasure, I did not need the “want to better the breed” or ‘POM ON BOARD’ bumper sticker to justify some righteous entitlement. I still do it today as a hobby, and I have gotten better at it with experience, I needed only the desire to improve AND it helped having good advice shared with me.

  36. This was a really helpful calendar. Thank you xxx

  37. Antoine Barnette

    If I did 4 AI’s what day do I use for pregnancy?

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