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Thank you for considering to write an article for PetSci! A strong community is the foundation of a great website and the fact that you wish to contribute means a lot to us. Have a quick read through these recommendations first and if you still want to have your article published on PetSci, simply fill out the form below! We’ll get back to you within 24 hours (although from 9am to 5pm you will receive a much faster response):

  • Articles should be based on pets! But this is fortunately a quite a wide category, anything from ‘7 Top Pet Products of 2011’ to ‘How to Ride a Horse’ is suitable and of course everything in-between
  • PetSci is not solely cats and dogs – any animal that is kept as a pet is a suitable subject for an article – yes that means even tarantulas and stick insects!
  • Articles should be 400-2,000 words, although a good target would be at least 600 words
  • If an article has a photo or multiple photos, make sure that it has permission to be used and/or is properly credited

All submissions will be fully credited to yourself, all we ask is that the article is not plagiarised and does not appear elsewhere on the internet. You will receive a permanent author link here at PetSci with a short bio about yourself and a link to your website – you may also add links throughout your article. Although we have no limit on the amount of outbound links, we recommend you use your discretion, obviously not every other word!

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