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Let's Stop Canine Obesity.

In the US alone, 52% of dogs are either overweight or obese1. That's the equivalent of approximately 36.7 million overweight animals or around 150 million kilograms of excess weight. This trend can be seen around the globe. 18 million pets* in the UK are fed unhealthy, fat inducing diets2, whilst the number of overweight dogs in Australia has surpassed 40%3.


Using our web app makes tracking the important details easy. Record daily weight, body condition score, measurements, calorie intake and more.


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The Quick Add app is available free on all smartphones.

We Can Help Stop Obesity Before it Becomes a Problem

Numerous studies have demonstrated that obesity can have detrimental effects on the health of our pets. These studies have shown there are a number of health problems associated with obesity, from diabetes to osteoarthritis. Being obese can also drastically reduce a dog's lifespan4

Fortunately, obesity is entirely preventable, and even reversible.

Dogs that successfully lose weight will experience increased vitality and decreased emotional disturbance and pain5. This is where we can help. Let us help you get your dog's weight back on track.

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