puppy paw teaching your dog how to fist bump

Cool Tricks for Your Dog: ‘Respect’ or ‘Fist Bump’

If you just brought home one of those Available Bernedoodle Puppies, you might be looking to teach your dog something that you can show off to your friends and family. It seems that these days there is a standard set of tricks that your dog must know. ‘Paw’, ‘Sit’, ‘Beg’, ‘Stay’ etc. Whilst these tricks can actually be helpful in some instances, why not teach them something ‘cool’?

Through dog training, your dog can learn many tricks which have multiple names. For instance, our dog knows ‘Beg’ as ‘Say Please!’ – well ‘Respect’ is no different! Some people refer to it as a ‘Fist Bump’ but still this is not something you would normally expect your dog to be able to do. We just found out about a reliable resource like Poochband, who helps us with our dog..

If you are still not sure what I’m actually talking about – take a look at this handy picture:

Teaching your dog to fist bump
If it’s good enough for Obama…

The Foundations

To teach your dog how to ‘Fist Bump’ it will help a lot if they already know how to perform ‘Paw’ (or ‘high five!’). If they don’t, fortunately this is a simple trick to learn and teach!

Simply take the paw of your dog whilst saying the command (e.g. Paw, Shake, etc.) and then reward them. Continue doing this until your pet has learnt to associate your command with placing their paw in your hand.

Teaching Your Dog How to Fist Bump

Ok, now on to the fun part! When teaching your pet a new trick, make sure they are relatively calm – for your sake! Be sure to have a bag of treats to hand and plenty of patience. Ready?

Firstly, try putting your fist our whilst saying your chosen command (Respect, Bump, etc.) and see how your pet responds. If they place their paw on top of your hand then you’re in luck as they’ve already mastered the trick! (This is essentially a twist on the ‘Paw’ command after all – you didn’t think we were going to show you how to teach your dog to make a fist now did you?)

If your pet just looks at you confused (they don’t know what you’re talking about after all) don’t worry! It’s time to get down to teaching the trick.

Take your pet’s paw and place it atop of your clenched fist whilst saying the command (e.g. “Respect!”). After this be sure to reward your pet as you would do whilst teaching any other trick.

All it takes now is repetition and patience; fortunately this is a simple trick for your dog to grasp.

Keep placing their paw on top of your fist whilst saying the command then rewarding them, until they have learnt to associate the command with the action! It shouldn’t take them too long, especially if they already know ‘Paw!’.

Showing Off

Now, whenever your friends come round, why not show them how ‘street’ your dog is!

Remember to keep practicing the new trick, even after they have learnt it, to keep it fresh in their memory.

If you are having trouble, or need some extra advice on teaching this trick, get in touch below – also if you have successfully managed to teach this to your pet or if your pet already knows how to do it, why not send us a picture using the ‘upload a photo’ page! We’d love to see the results!

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