Are Bigger Dogs Smarter than Smaller Breeds?


Correlation between brain size and intelligence isn’t straightforward. Humans are the most intelligent lifeform on the planet, yet our brain is smaller than that of an elephant or whale. Relative to body weight, humans still don’t have the largest brains, we have a similar relative brain size to mice! Even comparing sizes of human brains to one another, intelligence and …

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Dogs Enjoy the Sounds of Soft Rock and Reggae Music

dog wearing headphones

Researchers at the University of  Glasgow explored how different music genres affected the behaviour of kennelled dogs. In the study ‘The effect of different genres of music on the stress levels of kennelled dogs’ soft rock and reggae had the most beneficial effect on behaviour. The study follows on from previous research that investigated the impact of classical music on …

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Children Have Closer Relationships to Their Pets than Siblings

Child hugging dog

A recent study compared the relationships children have with pets, like those discussed on, to those with their siblings. The findings revealed that kids got greater satisfaction from relationships with their pets. The study also provided further evidence that pets are important in the social development of children and early adolescents. So if you are looking for the best …

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High-Rise Syndrome in Cats: Why Open Windows Can Be Dangerous

High-rise syndrome cats

During the warmer months, many homes are quick to open windows. However, cat owners should be aware of the dangers an open window can pose to their pets. A phenomenon called high-rise syndrome is to blame. High-rise syndrome is also used to describe the injuries cats sustain when falling from a height. A fall from the second floor (7m+) or above can be dangerous. Cats falling …

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Basic Dog Training Tips

basic puppy training tips

Dogs are wonderful companions. Bred for various reasons—sport, show, protection—dogs are above all bred to be loyal and loveable. If you are ready to take care of a pet dog, you may consider adopting a one or getting german shepherd puppies for sale online. They are much deeper creatures than we humans often give them credit for and are capable …

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Cool Tricks for Your Dog: ‘Respect’ or ‘Fist Bump’

puppy paw teaching your dog how to fist bump

If you just brought home one of those Available Bernedoodle Puppies, you might be looking to teach your dog something that you can show off to your friends and family. It seems that these days there is a standard set of tricks that your dog must know. ‘Paw’, ‘Sit’, ‘Beg’, ‘Stay’ etc. Whilst these tricks can actually be helpful in …

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