What Makes a Cat the Perfect Pet

It has been discovered that owning a pet does wonders for your health with many studies showing that pet owners are generally happier and healthier than non-pet owners.

So when it comes to finding your perfect pet, there is no doubt that the possibility of owning a cat is high on the agenda. Can you imagine a more perfect a setting than on a cold winter’s day sitting by a roaring fire and having your cat curled up on your lap purring that rhythmical purr? If you decide to get a cat as a pet, you may consider getting in touch with a champion bloodline maine coon cat breeder. You may also contact bengal breeders if you are thinking of bringing home bengal kittens. In addition, you should also consider their food, Organic cat litter, and regular visits to a vet.

There are many anecdotes (below) about the reasons why cats make for such terrific pets, not only because they are loving and affectionate pets, but also because there is a lot you can learn from them.

So what are the reasons for having a cat in the house?

  1. For such loving and endearing creatures they are extremely low maintenance. Cat lover Kate Hough said: “The beauty of having a cat is receiving lots of love without expectations. A cat doesn’t need to be walked, trained (unless you have a kitten then there is litter training) nor bathed regularly. They are easy going and independent pets, but at the same time offer you all the love and companionship you would want from a pet.”
  2. You don’t need a back garden or large house to home a cat, they’ll adapt to any surrounding,” says Matt Wright. “My partner and I have moved several times, downsizing and up scaling to a larger home and our cat Misty has come with us every time. She never made a fuss and seemed to enjoy exploring her new surroundings each time. If we had a larger pet like a dog we would have quite a lot to consider. A back garden would be necessary, large rooms would be required and a big kitchen for him to sleep in would also have to be catered for.”
  3. The main reason for many cat lovers out there is unconditional love and companionship. Cats are very sensitive to your moods which can make them the ideal pet when it comes to affection. Studies have shown that a loving cat can lower blood pressure and can sooth people who are ill. They are there to comfort you when you’re upset, sit next you when you’re feeling low and make you laugh and be playful when you’re in a pleasant mood.
  4. The next reason is lifespan; your cat can grow old with you. They can live up to 16 years and through that time they can be there when you make life changing decisions such as having children. Tom Smith had a cat for a couple years before deciding to start a family, “As soon as my wife and I had a child our cat, Cat (my wife is a big fan of Breakfast at Tiffany’s) loved interacting with him and not only showed us affection she also showed our baby affection. There weren’t any jealously issues concerning our affection turning from our cat to our child, which I’m aware can happen if you have a dog. Although we still love our cat and gave her as much as we could, our priorities changed and Cat was fine with the transition.”

Talking to parents with cats, many found that a cat taught their children values of compassion and gentleness. In comparison to a dog, if a child is rough with a cat by stroking him too heavily the cat will run out of the room and end any interaction with the child. If you’re looking for the perfect pet cat, check out this Birman Cat guide.

They are not very tolerable creatures when it comes to rough and tumble, which in turn teaches children the difference between being gentle and rough.

Let’s not forget either that cats are fun too, simply watching them entertain themselves with a toy or interacting with them using a toy can bring a lot of laughter and happiness into the household.

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