Make Day-to-Day Pet Care a Little Easier

Owning a pet brings with it a lot of new responsibilities which can be a little daunting, especially for the first time owner. However there is plenty of help available in the form of parents, friends, professionals, vets and the internet. The problem is, there can be a lot of information to retain – whether you own a rabbit or a dog the number of daily, weekly or monthly tasks can pile up and it can, in some cases, be a little difficult to remember what to do and when! Checkout Cozy Crates if you need dog training.

This isn’t a problem for everyone, I’m sure a lot of you who read PetSci have owned a pet for many years and are quite comfortable with the daily tasks you need to complete for pet care. However, for those of you who could use a little help, we’ve made a simple yet useful ‘Daily Tasks’ sheet, available for you to download and print.

You can see an example of this Daily Task Sheet below, it simply allows you to put the date down the left hand side and the daily tasks along the top. You can then tick off each task that you do each day and identify what hasn’t been done in a while!

Looks like it’s time to give Fido his medication again!

In the simple example above you can see we’ve put a few tasks along the top and marked them as we’ve done them each day.

You can use this sheet in a number of ways, for example, you could mark each day that you need to give your dog his medication with a circle and then tick it off when done – you could even have multiple pets on there, for example; “Feed Cat”, “Walk Dog”, “Clean Fish”.

Click the button below to download an A4 PDF of the above sheet, which you can then print and use as you wish.

We’d love to hear if you use this sheet and what you use it for, feel free to let us know if you found it useful in the comments below!

Download the PetSci Daily Care PDF

About James Watts

BSc Bioveterinary Science. Editor of PetSci. When I'm not writing, learning, discussing, or reading about animals, you know it's the weekend! Currently developing PetSci HealthTrak, the fast and easy way to monitor your pet's weight and calorie intake. HealthTrak offers a simple way to track your pet's progress, helping them achieve a healthy weight and a long, happy life.

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  1. Thanks for the form! I own guinea pigs and their care can get overwhelming! Especially when it comes to specialized diets and medications. This should help a lot. I’ll report back once I’ve given this method a try.

  2. We all love pets but the way we should take care them with well groom and etc.

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