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Why Do Small Dogs Live Longer?

why do small dogs live longer

Have you ever wondered why small dogs live longer? Although still a debated topic, new research suggests life expectancy is determined during the early stages of development. Smaller dog breeds outliving larger breeds seems to go against the rest of the mammalian kingdom. For example, mice live for only a few years whereas elephants can live for up to 70 years! …

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Myoclonic Epilepsy Gene Discovered in Dogs

rhodesian ridgeback JME

A gene potentially linked to epilepsy has been discovered in dogs. A study investigated juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME) in Rhodesian Ridgebacks in search of its genetic cause. The genome wide association study (GWAS) revealed DIRAS1 to be a strong candidate gene. The gene has previously been linked to neurotransmission, making it a good entry point for future research into myoclonic epilepsies. DNA testing …

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Children Have Closer Relationships to Their Pets than Siblings

Child hugging dog

A recent study compared the relationships children have with pets to those with their siblings. The findings revealed that kids got greater satisfaction from relationships with their pets. The study also provided further evidence that pets are important in the social development of children and early adolescents. It’s no surprise that pets are considered a fully-fledged addition to the family. We …

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