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12 of the Best Supplements Proven to be Beneficial for your Dog

12 best supplements for a healthy dog

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the 12 best supplements for your dog, including vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and more. Supplements are becoming increasingly popular in the companion animal industry, following the successes of the human supplement industry. So we’ve taken a look at just what those supplements are actually proven to do. Take a look through ... Read More »

Effect of the Diet on Canine Aggression

Pugs and dog food

As you probably know, dogs are pack animals and like to function as though in a hierarchy, even in the home environment. How are disputes about the hierarchy settled? Through aggression. Read More »

Managing Canine Stress Through the Diet

sleeping dog

Stress can often go unnoticed in dogs until it starts to manifest itself as ‘anxiety disorders’. Stress can lead to the development of a number of such disorders, whether it is stress related weight-loss, destructive behaviour, self-trauma (excessive licking or biting) or even aggression. Read More »

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