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Picking A Dog Heartworm Medicine

Can cats spread canine parvovirus to dogs

Most people who live with Dogs now know the importance of heartworm disease prevention. This means that a heartworm medicine needs to be picked, and boy can it get complicated! The problem for many people is simply the wealth of choice that is now available. The more choice, the harder the decision and the more complicated it can get! But ... Read More »

The Best Dog Roundworm Medications


It’s never a fun thing realizing that your pampered pooch has contracted roundworms. The average dog owner doesn’t realize that Fido has worms until he is cleaning the feces from the yard. So the job is nasty enough, but to come across canine stool with wiggling spaghetti-like creatures moving around is downright stomach-turning. For those of us who have experienced ... Read More »

8 Common Household Products That Can Poison Your Pet

grapes raisin pet dog poison

We’ve compiled this list of 8 common household products that you may or may not be surprised to know, can actually be toxic to your pets. Some are obvious, like anti-freeze, but did you know that liquorice is toxic? In fact liquorice can even be toxic to humans if eaten in large enough doses! Read More »

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