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Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Diarrhoea: Probiotic Treatment

feline immunodeficiency virus cat

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is thought to affect over 11% of the cat population worldwide. It is closely related to the Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Whilst the virus is not typically lethal, it can result in a higher occurrence of infections and degenerative conditions that can be stressful and uncomfortable for the infected cat. Many cats afflicted with FIV suffer from intestinal ... Read More »

What You Need to Know About Seasonal Canine Illness

seasonal canine illness

Over the past few years, awareness of seasonal canine illness has been steadily increasing. This mysterious illness strikes around autumn time and seems to affect dogs who have been walked in woodland areas. In the autumn of 2009, numerous reports of dogs becoming ill after having been walked through the countryside (particularly woodland areas) were received. Each year since, reports ... Read More »

8 Common Household Products That Can Poison Your Pet

grapes raisin pet dog poison

We’ve compiled this list of 8 common household products that you may or may not be surprised to know, can actually be toxic to your pets. Some are obvious, like anti-freeze, but did you know that liquorice is toxic? In fact liquorice can even be toxic to humans if eaten in large enough doses! Read More »

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