Monday , 30 November 2015
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Dog Rescues: Becoming a Foster Home

dog foster home

Rescue organizations save dogs from abusive environments and euthanasia when they have been abandoned or surrendered to a shelter. With millions of homeless dogs in our nation, there is a huge need for people being willing to become a foster home for these helpless animals. How to Get Involved If you are interested in helping save the lives of many ... Read More »

Finding Your Perfect Canine Companion

finding your perfect canine companion - chihuahua

There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs out there, varying in almost every aspect – from size to personality. Just compare a Chihuahua to a Great Dane, considering the sheer difference between these two breeds I’m surprised they aren’t different species! So with nearly 400 hundred breeds and new breeds constantly emerging, how do you choose a breed that ... Read More »

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