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Cat Food Puzzles Improve Feline Health and Wellbeing

Cat food puzzles are being used to help combat the negative physical and behavioural effects an indoor lifestyle has on felines. Keeping a cat indoors is recommended for their safety and health. However, indoor housing is associated with physical and behavioural problems, such as: Obesity Type-2 diabetes Joint problems Chronic lower urinary tract diseases Aggression Attention-seeking behaviors Stress-related behaviors e.g. house-soiling and overgrooming A new study …

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Flat-Faced Dog Breeds Should Be Avoided Warn Vets

Flat faced dog breeds, such as the much loved pug, are increasing in popularity. Unfortunately, the characteristics of these breeds can lead to debilitating health problems later in life. Related posts: Is the English Bulldog One of the World’s Unhealthiest Breeds? Proposed Guidelines for Breeders to Reduce Instance of Syringomyelia in Toy Breeds English Setter at ‘Risk of Extinction’ 9 Dog Breeds …

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