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Ever wondered why your dog gets so excited when you come home?

excited dog coming home

If you’ve ever wondered why your dog seems so excited when you return home then a new study might just have the answer. The calming effect dogs can have on humans has been quite well documented. Stroking or petting your dog can alleviate stress and dog ownership is thought to improve our quality of life, but what about the effect ... Read More »

Why Dogs Develop Destructive Behaviours

Dog doing mischief

Some dog owners have a really big problem: their dog chews everything. This can be anything from the odd little nibble at the table leg to the seriously destructive dog that destroys your best shoes, the leather settee, chews up the dog lead and almost always chews its dog bed. This causes great frustration and various degrees of cost. Obviously, ... Read More »

Effect of the Diet on Canine Aggression

Pugs and dog food

As you probably know, dogs are pack animals and like to function as though in a hierarchy, even in the home environment. How are disputes about the hierarchy settled? Through aggression. Read More »

Cool Tricks for Your Dog: ‘Respect’ or ‘Fist Bump’

puppy paw teaching your dog how to fist bump

Are you looking to teach your dog something that you can show off to your friends and family? It seems that these days there is a standard set of tricks that your dog must know. ‘Paw’, ‘Sit’, ‘Beg’, ‘Stay’ etc. Whilst these tricks can actually be helpful in some instances, why not teach them something ‘cool’? Read More »

The 6 Most Common Types of Dog Barks: Translated

Dog communication by barking

Humans have domesticated dogs for thousands of years, so you think by now we’d know if they were trying to get a point across! Well, it has now been officially confirmed that we can in-fact speak canine. Researchers have concluded humans are very good at categorising dog barks into categories such as ‘fun’, ‘aggressive’, ‘sad and ‘playful’. Even non-dog owners ... Read More »

How to Help Dogs Overcome the Trauma of a Family Death

sad jack russell death of owner grief

Our dogs are loving, compassionate, friendly and fun creatures. They have their own personalities, and they also have a range of emotions. Our dogs are just as attached to us as we are to them, possibly even more so, because they depend on us to meet their basic needs. Read More »

Personality Traits of Exotic Pet Owners


A recent study was conducted in to how pet ownership can portray a person’s character traits. The study looked at the owners of different types of pets and then compared their personalities. The groups were broadly split into; owners of traditional pets – such as cats and dogs, owners of warm-blooded exotic pets – such as sugar gliders, chinchillas etc., ... Read More »

Researchers Use YouTube to Investigate Tail Chasing Behaviour


Recent scientific research has used the highly popular video-sharing site, YouTube, to conduct a study on tail chasing (sometimes known as spinning) in dogs. Whilst most of us deem tail chasing as a relatively normal yet humorous behaviour, there are suggestions that there could be a relationship between tail chasing and neurological disorders. Read More »

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